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      User AvatarDavid Oldershaw

      Hello everyone, its great to be here.

      I recently completed the 15 day Trial and Petko asked if I would share my feedback as it may help other newbies like myself.


      Hello Petko,

      First off, thank you for the 15 Days free access.

      Until recently, although I had heard of Trading with EA’s, it’s not something that had interested me. I have trading experience (not profitable) but no knowledge or understanding of how EA’s work.

      My Start Up Experience

      After signing up for the trial I took the free Start Up Course — I found this very helpful, informative and easy to follow. I Generated around 30 EA’s and placed them on my MT4 Chart.

      From the Start Up Course — It was a little overwhelming as to where to go next. Looking at the Trading Software Packages and Courses. It was difficult to decide what the next step should be to make the best use of the Trial period and build on what you have learned so far. Along with providing the best value for your budget.

      I learned that the Professional Course was the follow up to the Start Up Course and would ultimately be your next step. However, during the trial period it makes no sense to purchase that course as it comes included with the Trading Software Packages. – Petko explained they are happy to exchange any course on the Packages. So if you were to purchase the Professional Course during the Trial you can request a different course on the Package you purchase

      Through the Forum I learned the best course to start with was the “Strategy Course + 12 EA’s I Trade Live With” and chose this course as an alternative to the Professional Course.  I purchased this along with “Automated Trading + 99 EA’s” and “Walk Forward Optimization”

      I enjoyed all three courses and again found them easy to follow and very informative. The two I’ve concentrated on the most, are the 12 EA’s & the 99 EA’s courses. The Walk Forward was a little too much at this stage.

      Currently I’m at the stage where I did my last 10 hour run on the Reactor. From that run I have 36 EA’s that will go on my MT4 Chart. I’ll give it a few weeks to gather some trading results on the Demo account. From there I want to practice with FX Blue, filtering the top performing EA’s to go on a Separate Demo account.

      Once I’ve completed the my FX Blue practice, I’ll be ready to purchase a Package. I’m leaning towards the EA Studio Package for 1690 as this gives me the best flexibility on selecting courses I would like to concentrate on. Probably Trading Portfolio EA’s will be my next one.

      In summary, I have had a very positive experience with my 15 Day Trial. Two weeks ago I started as a complete novice and feeling a little overwhelmed.  Now with a little knowledge and some practice. I feel more confident with the process and look forward to getting fully started with EA Forex Academy.

      Thanks again for the Trial and all the work you and your Team do to help people like me.



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      Hey Dave,

      I appreciate that you shared your experience with everyone, and I believe you did a good job for two weeks.

      I take note that we should create some kind of workflow so the beginners would know which courses to pick up next.

      Do not rush with live trading, and make sure you practice long enough on Demo accounts.

      Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions.

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