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    Maria DochevaMaria Docheva

    In this topic we will share the changes made on the EA studio – the Forex trading software. This way everyone will stay updated.

    What lately we have is the change in the Acceptance criteria, we have now:

    1. Maximum ambiguous bars

    2. Minimum net profit

    3. Minimum count of trades

    Maria DochevaMaria Docheva

    These 3 come by default on the Forex trading software and the other you may add to your Acceptance criteria.

    Maria DochevaMaria Docheva

    Also we have a validation now on Monte Carlo and Multi Market which gives as better Forex strategies and better results when using the Forex trading software – EA Studio!

    Jade Brown

    And the new tool that exports portfolio of trading strategies into one expert, is it using the Monte Carlo and Multi markets? Sorry if the question is stupid


    the new tool is experimental in the Forex trading Software. Be careful using it. There are no stupid questions when it comes to Forex trading software. Actually your question is not clear. The Monte Carlo and Multi markets are tools to test the robustness of the strategies. So basically you are using these to create the strategies and after that with the new tool, you can export the trading portfolio.


    EA studio is great Forex trading software! I have used it for the last one month and its really simple and easy. The EAs that it exports are working with no any mistakes! Good job for the course Portfolio of Forex Strategies, where i learned how to use it properly. Great job guys!!!

    Zack Georgiev

    I have a question about the EA STUDIO, how come it works so fast? Really on moments i start to think that something is wrong there…i hope not. I mean so far i can not see anything wrong but when i compare it with FSB is so so fast!


    Its much faster because it is web based and works only with MT4 indicators. FSB is heavier because it is working on Higher Time Frames and is using custom indicators. The academy is using each Forex trading software and so far nothing wrong there.


    Yes, its really fast and when i compare the trades opened in the demo account and after that when i import the fresh data, i see they match, thats all i need see


    Dear traders. There are two updates in EA Studio.

    1. There is the validation. With this tool you are able to bring back old strategies, collections and even folders with strategies and collection and it will update with the recent historical data. Of course you need to have first to update the data. That saves us a lot of time now, so the old collections are just like new – optimized and tested with the robustness tools.

    2. The second is the Trading Session. Now from settings you can set up the closing hours of your broker:
    Please have in mind that this will affect to all strategies and not to a single one. Also if you change the broker, make sure you correct it and go over the validation to update with the historical data and the closing hours from the new broker.


    The course Portfolio of Forex Strategies will be updated this mounth with more details about the new tools.


    Hello guys,
    The course was updated. We have create news from The Forex trading software company – there will be 14 days free trial for EA Studio as well! 🙂


    Dear Petko, I saw many new things in the Forex trading software EA Studio – there is a great beck stop and some more things new…actually I am not so sure which are new because I have the license from 1 month, but I think there are some new things. Are you planning to put another update on How to build 100s of Forex Strategies course.


    Dear Thapelo,
    I have just recorded the video. We will uploaded very soon. Yes, there are quite many new things that help us create better strategies in the Forex trading software EA Studio.


    The newest feature in the Forex trading software EA Studio is the Walk Forward validation.

    That feature helps to filter the strategies, and do a better robustness testing before start trading.

    We will update the courses with it.


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