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    Hey Natin,

    That is not a bad idea, I will discuss it with the team.



    Hello traders,

    EA Studio was updated multiple times during the last month, and here is the most important:

    • Symbols settings were moved to Data.
    • We have the option to set “Digit” in the Symbol settings page which solves the issue for the Historical data from brokers with different number digits
    • The Volume indicators are marked as not recommended
    • You can import up to 1 000 000 bars as a Historical data
    • Multi-Market adds relevant markets:

    Also, the editor button is now on the right side:

    OOS is now available in the Validator and the Reactor:

    I am glad that Mr. Popov from Forex Software is working on the software and improving it all the time.

Viewing 2 posts - 166 through 167 (of 167 total)

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