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    Alan Northam

    I have been evaluating the EA Studio Free Trial.  After running the Reactor I see that the results of the Monte Carlo (69) also shows up in Ascended (69) but the Collection shows 50.  “What does Ascended mean and does the EA’s that pass the Monte Carlo show up in the Collections?”

    Samuel Jackson

    hi Alan,

    Yes the EAs that he through the money Carlo are ascended to the collection. If 69 have passed the Monte Carlo but only 50 then likely you have automatically remove correlated EAs set on in the collection and some are being removed. If you click on the collection tab and scroll down then on the left had side there will be some stats to tell you why some have been removed from collection.

    it could be that your collection size is set to 50 so check that but I expect it’s to do with correlated strategies being removed.

    let me know if not and maybe send some screenshots

    Alan Northam

    Yes, it removed correlated pairs!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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