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    Hello friends again,

    Just wanted to ask if anybody else has the same result as me when it comes to generate strategy on different computer.

    Right now im running 3 computer: 1 desktop and 2 laptops. The desktop one runs 4 reactors on each individual browsers, while one of the laptop runs 3 reactors on each individual browser, and the last laptop runs only 1 reactor. So as you can see, that last laptop is the slowest since it can only run 1 reactor, but here is the funny thing. Everyday when i check how many strategy it has passed, the slowest laptop has always passed more strategy compare to my fast desktop and laptop, and i wonder how is that possible?

    Every computer use the same browser, the same setting(importing setting), but still my slowest computer produce most of the strategy.

    Anyone have any theory why this happen or have the same experience?




    Hello Riuzk,

    Do you run same currency pairs, on same times frames and same acceptance criteria on all of them?

    If you run for different assets, the explanation is simple – you have on the slowest computer the asset that fits best on your acceptance criteria.


    Hey Pete,

    Yes, same currency pairs, same time frames, same acceptance criteria, same EA studio settings

    George Steel

    Hi Riuzk,

    Are you 100% sure that everything is the same? Check your Data and Data Horizon?


    I will run some tests by myself, but I guess you need to check really if all is the same as George says.



    what I think happened is you hit the chance. It just happened that the generator on the slow computer first met strategies that meet your acceptance criteria. Give it a try couple of more times. The same test, just repeat it a few times like 5-10. I think the faster ones will get better results.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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