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      Hello, 1st of all sorry for posting too much questions these days but m new to Algos..

      Well i ve generated an EA using FSB Pro, i attached it to EurUsd M1 it shows the smiley face, i tried to backtest it, no backtesting is performed..and While on the same chart window i clicked on other timeframes, all charts show the smiley face except the Monthly Timeframe it shows a message saying that the EA need more bars… And when i switched again to M1 timeframe the smiley face disappeared as the EA Deattach itself from the chart… Any idea what s happening?

      Kind regards

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      Hello Charbel,

      I am not really sure what exactly you are doing, but you need to place the EA only on the time frame that you are trading.

      If you trade on M1, but you use the higher time frames as a filter, you need the smiley face just on M1.

      But before you attach it to the chart, you need to load enough bars on the other time frames by pressing the Home key on the keyboard.

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      User AvatarCharbel

      Thank you Petko for your quick reply,

      Well Ive already done what you said, my question is: when we attach an EA to a specific timeframe for ex. M1, if on the same chart window we clicked on another time frame ie. M15 the EA detach from M1 and reinitialize on M15, this is what the ecperts log shows, this the way Mt4 works right? Thank you again Petko. Happy Easter.

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      Hey Charbel,

      Happy Easter!

      Yes, I got you now. When you set the EA on M1, you should not change the time frame on this chart window. Anyway, the EA will start working on the new time frame.

      The EAs that use higher time frames, they scan the higher time frames without an actual chart to be opened. Or, if you want just to monitor another time frame, open it on a separate chart.

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      User AvatarCharbel

      This is what i ve meant…Well Petko Regardless of the professional relationship you establish with everyone in this forum, I just want to praise your great dedication and your big sense of ethical responsibility in communicating all the infos and the technical know-how to everybody, in a dark field like forex… Thank you again Petko.

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      Hey Charbel,

      I am really glad to hear your words, and it makes me very happy that my work is appreciated by many of the students. Thanks!

      When I was studying Forex, it was so much harder, online education as not yet popular. And I was missing a lot of ot things.

      This is why when I established the Academy, I wanted to implement everything I learned and everything I was missing, such as support and guides from someone that is more experienced.

      And this is why even I have my team, I still answer the Forum personally because I know how important it is.


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