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      User Avatarjarx32


      I have noticed that a lot ofprop firm Brokers are moving to DXTRADER, Ctrader, Match Trader  fro MT4 & MT5.

      We  will need a bridge software that will help me to copy signals from a DEMO MT4 or M5 account to the live DXTRADER, Ctrader, Match Trader accounts. A few people are selling these softawre but they are very expensive. Can your team work on an inhouse solution for your customers. As alot of Prop firms are been forced off the MT4 and MT5 reducing our options.

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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi Jarx32,

      Currently we are concentrating on the products we provide. However, if we ever made a decision to develop a bridge solution there is no guarantee it would be any cheaper.


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