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      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      Mr Alexandrov, as specialist in algorithmic trading, I would like to ask about your opinion about the bitcoin algorithmic trading. Do you think it will change the behavior the Bitcoin?

      I do believe as in the Forex, it will do some influence in the Bitcoin. I am simply asking because I am new in bitcoin algorithmic trading and I wonder if I want to invest more of my time in manual trading, or should I invest more to learn the bitcoin algorithmic trading. I know that most of the people are focused on exchanges and few are focused on bitcoin algorithmic trading. Probably this will take time..

      I know such things are hard to be predicted, but I will really appreciate your answer.

      Also, does it mean that, if few people are doing it(because I did not find any other courses except yours), that it is easier to to bitcoin algorithmic trading or does it make it harder?

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      Dear Bart,
      we have actually created our new course about Bitcoin algorithmic trading, which will be up on the website very soon. It includes 99 Robots inside and it brings many opportunities.
      Hard to answer your question, but I think you are pretty much right. The question is that when we use Bitcoin Algorithmic trading on Meta Trader, we trade with the broker and most of them nowadays are market makers. Which means that we really do not affect the price of the Bitcoin at all. I hope it makes sence.

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      User AvatarTom Storm

      Hello to everyone,

      I am new in this site and forum, and I want to ask more about the course that Petko`s write about Bitcoin algorithmic trading. Is the course can buy already?
      I am very interes about trading with bitcoin, but I`m sipmply new in this, so I want to buy course which will introduced me in bitcoin algorithmic trading, so can somebody recommended me some course?

      Thank you!

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      User AvatarIohan Dive

      Hello Tom,

      yes, The Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course + 99 Expert Advisors is available and you can find it here: https://eatradingacademy.com/tracks/cryptocurrency-trading/
      Also you can get this course with some of the packages, that the academy offers (which are very useful and I recommend you them strongly, because for good price you can get more products, and also there is sale still!!!), here you can see them: https://eatradingacademy.com/packages/ . I see that the The Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course + 99 Expert Advisors is include in Cryptocurrency Pack and Mega Pack, I hope that I give you right information.

      Best Regrads!

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      Cheers, Iohan, right answer.

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