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      Hello Guys,

      Well i ve generated an EA using the forex historical data app from dukascopy on EA Studio, i imported the same data, to my broker mt4 platform and i made sure i customized the swap and commissions fees and all other settings on EA studio according to my broker symbol specifications, the problem is that while i am getting almost the same number of trades on EA Studio and Mt4 during backtesting for the same period, the results sill show huge difference in net profit… Is there everything else i have to look for? Knowing that i made the mt4 backtest on different modelling quality  and results on all data types show difference from EA Studio…

      Any help is appreciated


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      Hey Charbel,

      Uploading a screenshot will help us see better if you have missed anything.

      Did you start with the same balance (EA Studio settings) and the same lot?


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      User AvatarCharbel

      Hello Petco, thanks for your reply,

      It seems i have missed to customize the day /swap, this is what made the difference .. It s fixed righ now.

      Appreciate your reply,

      Good day

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      Glad to hear that, Charbel!

      Let me know if there is anything else.


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