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      Dear Petko,

      I am happy I came across your video in you tube and decided to take the course. My dream as a trader is within reach now that I found you. The way you simplify the course has never before be seen in the industry. I have tried creating my own eas or trading manually with a full time job and a family, and that was a disaster.

      I am running the EAs on demo accounts and monitoring the results. So far so good , and I am waiting for the EAs to run for some time before I post some results here.

      The links in the “DAY 10! Trade the Robot with a WORLD RECORD” does not allow me connect to the crm.eatradingacademy.com site for reasons not know to me.

      Can you check that out for me?



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      User AvatarMehChe

      Sorted out. Thanks for the help.

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