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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      Is it possible to set the EA for EA Studio to close all trade on Friday? I tried the below setting, it seems not the way I want it to be.

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      Hello Simon,

      Yes, you need to check the Friday Close, but you need to change the hour.

      What time does your broker close on Friday? If they close exactly at 24:00 you need to change it to 00:00 – 23:45.

      Because the EA will execute the close after the new bar is opened, and if the market is closed, it will not be able to close the trade.

      So just do it 15 min before the close.

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      User AvatarAugustine

      Thanks petko,

      I needed that too.

      Most times charts do not continue exactly where it ended on Friday, which could negatively affect previously opened trade by the time markets opens on Monday.

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      Hello Augustine,

      This is because there is Sunday trading which most of the brokers with MetaTrader don’t show. It is available with some of the paid platforms.

      This is why there is a gap between Friday and Monday.

      However, that is not really an issue because we use the Historical data where Sunday trading is not included.

      So the EAs are expected to handle it. Don’t spend a lot of time on that.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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