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      User AvatarDesita

      Dear users,
      I would like to open this topic about bitcoin trading simply because I am very excited!
      I have hold Bitcoin for pretty long time now and Petko gave me the courage to hold it more, and I am so happy to see the new tops.
      So I had the money to buy the course Cryptocurrency never losing formula – bitcoin trading course. And I think to combine investing and bitcoin trading.
      How this sounds to the more experienced traders?
      I mean is it a good idea to combine bitcoin investing and bitcoin trading?
      I know it is good to focus at one thing, but I really want to hold the Bitcoin I have and really want to test the system of Petko which is so profitable even taking 200USD each time. That is just really nice and decent bitcoin trading according to me?
      Anyway, I do not spend time in the “Investing”, because I am just waiting…
      Any advice would be treasure and what I think to do is to practice it on a Demo account and see if I can manage to do it

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      User AvatarDamian Roger

      Hey Desita, glad there are other beginners here. Yes, Petko is just great, I loved his courses. I am also interested in the Bitcoin, too expensive now but just bitcoin trading time it is with the systems from Petko. 🙂

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      User AvatarThapelo

      Guys, I am joining as well. Loved the courses of Petko and really enjoyed watching. I was looking for bitcoin exchange but I decided to do bitcoin trading as Petko does on Meta trader. Can you suggest any broker for meta trader where I can do bitcoin trading?

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      User AvatarTina

      Hello everyone,

      If I must be honest I am waiting for the new course of Petko-Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course + 99 EexpertAdvisors and when I buy it I will share with you my opinion for the course and bitcoin trading.

      It will be perfect if anyone share with us his own opinion.. I will follow this topic.

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      User AvatarThapelo

      Thanks to the team of Petko that shared with me the regulated brokers for Bitcoin trading. Unfortunately, I can say that the spreads are much higher then they were just two weeks ago when Petko uploaded the Bitcoin trading course with the robot. As he says, we need to be flexible with the brokers that offer meta trader and bitcoin trading.

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      User AvatarThapelo

      I realized that the systems of Petko are just amazing for bitcoin trading. Because they are not involved at all with the price, is it 15k or 50k, does not matter, we take 200$ are we are happy. Great bitcoin trading courses Petko!!! Merry Chrismatas to you and all of the team!

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      Dear Thapelo,

      I was just reading the old topics in the forum, and have forgotten this one.

      I am glad you liked the bitcoin trading courses that you took, because we all saw that it will not reach the sky 🙂

      Unfortunately, many people lost money on exchanges, however those who followed my bitcoin trading systems with EAs and without, are on the other side.


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      User AvatarTraderzonefx

      I was one of those Petko. I bough above 12 k, than I waited, did not take the profit , and now I am on a loss. Which I found your courses earlier. Topical market behavior from me…just stupidity

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      Everyone does mistakes when starts trading, the important thing is not to repeat the mistakes

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