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      User AvatarDamian Roger

      Guys, I am pretty new in bitcoin trading and bitcoin exchange, just took the courses from Petko and they are just great. For sure I am starting to practice with demo account,just wondering if to start also Bitcoin exchange as well or not. Also I wonder if anybody tried to use the systems from the courses with Bitcoin exchange platforms.
      Just the bitcoin trading looks easier to me then bitcoin exchange. But I am sure Petko preferred the trading then bitcoin exchange for a reason,

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      Hey Damian, I do believe that when you go over the courses, I will answer your question why I prefer the bitcoin trading then bitcoin exchange. Obviously if you find any of the systems to trade on any bitcoin exchange, better for you.

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      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      I think bitcoin exchange does not really make difference from bitcoin trading if you do it manually. But if you do algorithmic trading as Petko does, then you should be focused on the trading platforms and specially Meta Trader.

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      Well, Meta Trader is the only trusted platform for algorithmic trading. Even many mistakes still there, we can achieve the very same results on beck test as in EA Studio and FSB Pro. Bitcoin exchange is something we are not focused because we are trading academy and not investment house.

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      User AvatarIohan Dive

      Hello Petko,

      please tell me why do you prefer bitcoin traiding from bitcoin exchange?

      Can you recommend me a few courses about bitcoin trading or bitcoin exchange?

      Best regards,

      Iohan Dive

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      Dear Dave, as I have already said, we are trading Academy, and we do Bitcoin trading and not bitcoin exchange…please check the section Cryptocurrency trading courses, there you will see all the courses available for cryptocurrency trading. Simply we use our trading strategies on Bitcoin trading. You will find few courses about Bitcoin exchange and there, you will just see explanations how the exchanges work, but really strategies and advises when to buy or sell.

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      User AvatarTravis Nose

      Hello again from me,

      I think that the Bitcoin in the begining was created for exchange, not for trading, but the role of the bitcoin have changed with the time and with the interest that the bitcoin challence. Everyone thinks that the bitcoin trading is more easy than the bitcoin exchange like Damian and If I must be honest I think the same!

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      Dear Travis,
      I can say you are right, but for sure Bitcoin trading is not easy, specially when the spread is high with the brokers.

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      User AvatarKristiano

      Hello all,

      I am new to the Acadmey, but found already that the courses are very useful.

      Since I have been trading so far with the exchanges can I ask how much is the spread with the CFD trading.

      I catch the point why one is better than bitcoin exchange but I want to make sure that I will not pay too much spread


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      Hey, Kristiano!

      I was going around the Forum and saw that old topic that should be nowadays a bit more on the front.

      The spread is just normal now, not as it was last year during this time.

      About the Bitcoin exchanges vs the Bitcoin trading with CFD, I really do not like to say it but I can say to many traders: I TOLD YOU SO!

      Unfortunately, millions of people lost their savings on the exchanges, however Bitcoin trading is for the smart traders.


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      User AvatarHaliffa

      I was very blind trading on Bitcoin exchange. However, I did it because I was scammed and I looked for a way to avoid the brokers..

      Anyway now I know what to do and where to trade.

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      Do not regret to any past experience in trading, Haliffa!

      Take it as experience! What ever we do, even mistakes, wrong choices, it is all experience. Bad or good it makes us better.

      The most important is not to repeat the mistakes.


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