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      User Avataredu2

      hi Petko and everyone.

      I am generating some portoflios and i am able to generate them only in USDJPY. I test them in EA studio and then on MT4 tester.I saw the results are the same so i usually start with real trading and so far i generate a ton of profit.

      Now come the problems. With all the other crosses, every strategy is not good. They are really bad! To be precise on EA studio they looks good but on MT4 tester and on real account they lose money.

      So today i downloaded (for the first time) Petko’s EAs for EURUSD i put them on EA studio with my broker’s data (obviously) and they were all losing. Then i place them on MT4 Tester and they were all in profit.


      So my question is: is possibile that EA studio is using some indicators that my broker hasn’t or has different? And again is Mt4 tester more reialable than EA studio.

      Thank you


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      Hello Edu,

      Glad to hear you are doing profit with the USDJPY portfolios.

      Now, for EURUSD EAs( I guess the ones from my Portfolio course) you placed them on EA Studio and they were losing but on the MT were profiting. If you are using one and the same Historical data there should be no difference. I mean recalculating the EAs on EA studio and testing them on MT with the same data should give you same results as it gives you in USDJPY.

      Simply if there is a difference it should be for all assets and not just for one.

      Make sure you have the same settings on EA Studio and MT and the same historical data.

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      User Avataredu2

      thank you Petko same data different results, same data range.


      Mt4 tester [url=https://ibb.co/rZdNGm1][img]https://i.ibb.co/khmvgxW/popov-2.png[/img][/url]

      Ea Studio [url=https://ibb.co/ftZsvTq][img]https://i.ibb.co/7VBq40j/popov-1.png[/img][/url]


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      Hello Edu,

      there is something that you are missing.

      Please, use the img tool that is available here:

      It is much easier to upload pictures.

      Now, please, send me some screenshots from your set up on MetaTrader Tester and on EA Studio, from the Historical data, etc.

      By looking at these graphs  I can not say anything…I can not see what you are missing.

      Also, keep in mind that both work fine, and try to find what is the thing that causes you the difference.

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      User Avataredu2

      with  my data




      Hope they are good.

      It doesn’t happen with USDJPY but EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUsD

      I paid for the three months package and i would like to not lose time.

      Thank you for your time Petko!


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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Edu,

      What is see is just the spread difference? 2.5 for EURUSD is a HUGE spread. It will reflect a lot on your data.

      Can you send a picture from the Data-statistics of your broker? Could be something there:

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      User Avataredu2

      Hi Andi,

      thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the spread is not the problem. I use bigger spread only for caution. In real i have 0.8 spread. I have tried with the real spread and there aren’t differencies (on MT4 the equity goes up, on EA Studio goes down).

      I also use the big spread on USDJPY which is the only cross who doesn’t give problems.

      Here it is the photo you asked.


      have a good  sunday



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      Hello Edu,

      that is quite interesting! Have you tried uploading different data into EA Studio, with a different broker?

      At first glance, I do not see anything else but the spread (which you said you have tested with variable values)

      Tomorrow morning when my head is fresh I will have a look at the pictures again, but give it a try with other broker’s data. Just to see if the problem is with the data that you export from the broker or is it something on the settings in EA Studio.


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      User Avataredu2

      Yes, i tried another broker on EURUSD and it seems that everything is ok.. Even with higher spread.


      With my broker instead, if a strategy is loosing on EA Studio, is profitable on MT4 Tester  and viceversa (on EURUSD not on USDJPY)


      Tank you for your help


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      Hello Edu,

      if you have tried with the other broker and it is fine, it means it is something the data once it is imported to EA Studio.

      Now, I think you have no worries if the MT backtester shows profits. It means the EAs are just fine. There is just something with this particular broker’s data when it comes to EA Studio but I can not say what…

      let me know if there is something else.

      Kind regards,

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      User Avataredu2

      Thank you Petko. So if the Mt4 tester it is that a strategy is profitable, i can trust right? It is a relaiable source


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      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello Edu,

      the Meta Trader tester should be the same as the EA Studio tester. As Petko says there is something with the data when it arrives at EA Studio. The bad thing is that you can not do the robustness tests.

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      User Avataredu2

      yes that is the main problem, including also the optimization.

      I don’t use EAs with less than W/L of 70%


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      Hey Edu,

      Thapelo is correct. Personally, I would not trust only the backtester at MetaTrader. The robustness tools as Monte Carlo and the Walk Forward validation are essentially important. However, you can drop an e-mail to Forex Software and Mr. Popov to have his opinion on the issue with your data. He might give you some insight from the developer’s point of view.

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      User Avataredu2

      thank you i wrote to him because

      I have checked all the big cross. The results of EA Studio and of Mt4 T. are the same for every cross with JPY. EURJPY, USDJPY and AUDJPY.

      They are different instead for every timeframe for all the others cross.

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      Great, he might give you an idea. It is something with your data after you upload it on EA Studio.

      Now, if you have another broker with similar data (you can check that with the Meta Trader backtester. You can use this other data to create and analyze the EAs with EA Studio.


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