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      User AvatarSteveM2025

      Good morning, I am new to the site and currently trialling EA Studio which looks impressive!

      I have created my first EAs and loaded them into MT4, but the back test results on MT4’s strategy tester are very different to the back test results in EA studio? I can see this is mentioned in FAQs and can confirm that in MT strategy tester the asset and timeframe are correct and it is set to Open Prices only. Starting balance is also correct. Is there anything I might be missing? Any help gratefully appreciated. Thank you

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      Hey Steve,

      Glad to hear from you and welcome to the forum!

      Please attach some screenshots from EA Studio strategy and from the MT Tester.


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      User AvatarSteveM2025

      Hi Petko, thank you for responding. Having spent more time on the site I realise i need to upload historical data from my broker, instead of using the meta trader demo data. That way I will be comparing the same data source. If i am still having problems after that I will post again. Thanks!

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      User AvatarPiku123

      great information

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