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      User AvatarTsholo Monyausi

      i would like to open a %100 dollar account.

      i have registered with blackbull and use the MT5 platform.

      currently im trading on a demo account using the 5EAs that came with the 21day programme, which im still busy with

      please can i have advise on the best approach on such a small account, what lot sizes, which specific EAs should i use, should i use all 5 at once and should i use MT4 or MT5

      please assist


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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Hello Tsholo,

      Great work and congratulations so far! I’m unable to advise you on your financial activities as I’m not a financial advisor.

      MT4 or MT5 is up to you and your preferences. I like MT5 as I find it has a little better functionality.

      Which EAs have you found to have the best results so far? Which tracking software are you using? FXBlue?

      And how much are you willing to risk per trade? 1% is usual practice, or less to help build confidence in the robots and the process.

      What do you think? Does that help you formulate a plan?


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      User AvatarTsholo Monyausi

      Iam using MT5 on with a blackbull demo account.

      USDJPY and EURJPY has been the most profitable so far.

      i have not started tracking yet, but i will be using FX blue.

      i have readjusted my settings to 0.01. i have been told that your EAs are optimised for $10 000 accounts. so i need to increase the amounts.

      this has been helpful. thank you Matt.



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