cro coin price prediction

CRO Coin Price Prediction in 2021

In today’s lecture, I will do a quick CRO coin price prediction for the near future and for the long term, based on what we’ve seen so far on the market and based on what did as a company in 2021.

Before I start with the price prediction, I want to tell the beginners what is the CRO coin. It is simply the native token of the chain, which is a public blockchain. And most importantly, it is not Ethereum-based anymore.

They launched their own network on the 25th of March, 2021, which proves there is a huge potential in the company.

CRO Mainnet launching effect on the CRO coin price

The Mainnet launch date was on the 25th of March 2021. Do you know the market and the community reacted? Well, very positive, and in the following lines, I will tell you why. Moreover, I will show you why the launch date was the biggest day for the CRO coin until that moment, and what is my price prediction for this coin in the near future and in the long term.

CRO Mainnet Launching announcement on blog

On the 22nd of March, 2021 we had some big news from, and below is what they posted on their website. “CRO Mainnet launching will be on March 25th“. According to their publication, this will be a fully decentralized, open-source, public chain with high speed and low transaction fees.

And this is right after they made an announcement of a 70 billion CRO burn and they state that they continue to aggressively pursue full decentralization of the network. We believe that the world needs a fully decentralized, open-source, public chain with high speed and low fees.

And you can read more about it in the blog of and on most of the news around the cryptocurrency market.

The CRO coin chart

But what matters the most to me and what I want to talk about in this lecture is the reaction of the community on that day. And it’s very obvious, you need to look at the chart. So this is the CRO coin price chart and on the daily chart, we have a very positive day. Not just a positive day but it’s a record day.

If I put the mouse on it, the lowest point is at $0.1341. This was the lowest point of the day, and the highest was $0.2739.

The CRO coin price daily chart
The CRO coin daily chart

And if I switch to the hourly chart, we have some retracement right now. Of course, many of the people will take quick profits but that’s a huge move. If I go back to daily, you will see the whole picture. In 2020 the market was very positive for the CRO coin.

Then we had the negative market, this is when they lowered the referral bonus. So before it was $50 and after November, it became $25. So this is when you are referring someone and you both get a bonus. And the community didn’t really accept that well. The price of the CRO coin went down below 0.6, 0.5, I think the lowest point was just below 0.5, yes, it is 0.0498.

The “Salsa” formation

And then we had this formation right over here which in trading is called Salsa. It’s a very bullish formation, shows reversal and I was expecting that break.

The Salsa formation in the CRO coin chart

So my first investment with the CRO coin was right at the end of this day. When these tops were reached, I bought them. This morning I bought again and I’m quite happy investing in the long term in the coin.

Because I see that the community is back there and it accepts very well the news from the company. As well the 3 positive days that we have, they were because of some changes in the cards they offer. As well, the community accepted it very well. And then, boom. A record day, and it nearly doubled its value in one day.

As you can see at that moment, we had a negative day for Bitcoin, the first huge negative day after it reached the $50,000 threshold.

So having some CRO coins that are actually going into positive when Bitcoin has been negative is a great risk diversification for me.

I will see whether they will go and where it will close. If it closes above $0.30, I expect consecutive positive days.

The first huge negative day for CRO coin price
The first huge negative day

NFT platform launching effect on the CRO coin price

The next thing that we need to consider when making a CRO coin price prediction is the NFT platform. launched a brand new NFT platform which is super simple and user-friendly.

NFT platform launching effect on the CRO coin price prediction
They launched a new NFT platform

And you can buy NFT just with your Visa card. Again for beginners, this is a new phenomenon on the market that surprised the world, with prices starting from a few hundred dollars up to $69 million, which is the record for 1 NFT until the moment.

And of course, it’s a brand new platform that started in March 2021. There are not many NFTs yet but it is very easy for people with no cryptocurrencies. They can purchase easily with their debit or credit cards and they don’t need to register on different wallets, on MetaMask, pay gas fees, and all the complicated procedures we had to do until the moment if we want to buy NFT. DeFi Wallet

Then, the company launched the DeFi wallet, a non-custodial wallet with full control over the assets and the private keys.

DeFi wallet effect on prediction for CRO coin price
They launched the DeFi wallet

But the best thing here is that we can stake CRO coin with over 20% of annual interest. Isn’t that amazing? How many other wallets allow that?

CRO coins cashback

Next, they have Visa cards, I’m using one. And they are not just offering Visa cards, their Visa cards are the world’s most widely available Visa cards. And I think more and more people will start using these cards because we get a lot of benefits but most important is we get cashback. So every time I spend money online, virtually or I go to the mall or to the supermarket downstairs, I pay with that Visa, I get cashback in CRO coins which is awesome. Why not?

I’m spending this money anyway and if I have the chance to get 2, 3, 4, up to 8% in a cashback as a CRO, why not? I like the idea and more and more people love the idea. And I have to point out that their app for the phone is super easy to use. They just do things easily and user-friendly, which obviously brings them more clients. So you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

How to download the App

And at the same time, you can use the exchange from a computer or a laptop. I will put links below with some bonuses if you want to register for the exchange or use the app. And you might wonder why I’m talking about all of that in a price prediction video.

Because I’m doing a CRO coin price prediction and everything that does, the NFT platform, the Defi wallet, the Visa cards, the friendly app for the phone, the exchange, all these things are useful for the community. And when the community likes what the company does, they will be purchasing more and more CRO coins. Let me share with you, for example, what I did,

I have purchased many Cryptocurrencies from But at the same time, I purchased CRO coins multiple times for different reasons. I purchased because I wanted to have a Visa card, I purchased because I wanted to stake on the Defi wallet for 30% annual rewards. And probably, I’ll be purchasing more in the future for different services they offer making the people buy more and more.

Client base effect on CRO coin price prediction

But for the CRO coin price prediction, let’s take the huge competitor, Binance. As you know, Binance is the world’s largest exchange until the moment. And their token trades at $380 by the time I’m writing this lecture, while the coin price is at $0.21. But stay with me, in January, Binance announced that they reached 100 million clients and at the same time, the Binance coin was at about $50.

Binance announced that they reached 100 million clients
Binance announced that they reached 100 million clients

At the end of February, announced that they reached 10 million users. And the price of the CRO coin at that time was at about $0.15. But here is the thing, they said that they doubled their client base for 4 months.

The announcement about 10 mln users
The announcement

This means that in November 2020 they had 5 million clients and the CRO coin was at about $0.06 to $0.07. So if you did the math already, you see that when the clients doubled, the coin doubled its value.

So when reaches 100 million users and they will if they keep up the good work on offering new services, new platforms. Simply if they keep the community happy, they will reach 100 million users. Then mathematically we will have the CRO coin at $2, which is about 1,000% growth. Now, I said that $2 is my first price prediction and my next one is $50 and I will tell you why.

Looking at the Binance price back in time

Let’s ignore everything I said about the NFT platform, the DeFi wallet, the Visa cards, all the great things they do for the company. I’ve mentioned Binance and if you remember what I said, I said that when they reached 100 million users, the price of the Binance coin was about $50. So why not when reaches 100 million users, the CRO coin should be actually at $50.

But this is not so much of a price prediction rather than an expectation because if the company has actual 100 million users and all of them are buying the CRO coin for different reasons, like the DeFi wallet reward or the Visa cards or they just like the company, no matter what is the reason, they will be buying the CRO coin. And the more they buy it, the more value it will gain. The more they buy it, the bigger it will become.

CRO coin follows the Bitcoin

So my price prediction is between $2 and $50, I can say in the next 1, 2, 3 years maximum. Of course, it depends where the Bitcoin will be, as I noticed that sometimes the CRO coin follows the Bitcoin. Even if it’s not really correlated. But there are patterns that we can recognize when the Bitcoin drops, coin price drops. When Bitcoin rises, CRO coin rises. But one more time, when we are purchasing CRO coins, it’s something like we are buying shares of coin price at the moment
Buying CRO coins

It’s not exactly that but it is very similar because the price of the CRO coin depends a lot on what the company does itself. What platforms it launches, what new services it will offer, are the trading conditions better or worse for the users? And all of that drives the price of the CRO coin up and down. But in the long term, I think that has all of the potential to reach Binance.

And hopefully, the CRO coin will reach Binance coin one beautiful day because I invested much more in CRO coins.

Community’s reaction

And obviously, the more people buy it, the more it will increase its value. But if there is a retracement, that’s really normal because a lot of the people that bought it cheap would be really happy to sell right now.

I’m personally looking more into a long-term investment with the CRO coin because I really believe in the company. I like what they’re doing so far, is one of the exchanges I’ve been using. And most importantly,

I see that the community is back there. Actually, it has always been there, the fact is that now they accept really positively the news from the recent days about the Visa cards they offer, and then about the Mainnet launch date. So I rounded my CRO coins today to 10,000 exactly.

I haven’t yet calculated the average price that I have at the moment but I think it’s about $0.17 which I could have done better but I was waiting really for that reaction from the community to see that there is strong support from the fans and from the people who believe in the CRO coin.

CRO coin price prediction in short and long term

So how do I see the CRO coin price in the short term and in the long term and what is my prediction?

After such a positive reaction from the market, I easily see the CRO coin going to the dollar.

And I think that’s really possible to happen in the next few months or let’s say around mid-2021. And in the long term, I think there is a huge potential in the CRO coin because the exchange is new. Much newer than Binance, for example. And they do a lot of innovations.

Second, there is a huge strong community behind it. And third, this community reacts positively and that’s the most important thing. And look where the Binance coin is at the moment, and why not the coin reach these levels?

So I think in the long term, $100 for a CRO coin is absolutely possible but when I say in the long term, I think that’s about a year, maybe even 5 years from now.

If the company keeps announcing good news, news that the community accepts positively, I think they have a huge chance. And I’ll be happy to hold my CRO coins a longer time, staking them at, compounding the amount.

So please don’t take that as advice to buy CRO coins. I’m not saying that, I’m not a financial advisor. You should do your research, do your diligence, it’s your decision.

And if you decide to invest in CRO coins as well or to stake them for a Visa card or annual reward of staking CRO coins, check out our crypto staking course and our detailed review to get some bonuses when registering on the Crypto exchange or the app from your mobile.

Please share your thoughts

Just how I see the market after having such a positive reaction. And my experience in trading shows me that after such a positive day, good times are coming for this cryptocurrency. At the same time, we have a negative Bitcoin but a very positive CRO coin. And because my biggest investment is in Bitcoin, I’m pretty happy buying CRO coin and having this diversification.

So I won’t be losing much value when Bitcoin drops and I have CRO coin going into positive direction. So I really hope that they will keep it up from to support a satisfied community because that’s the most important thing in Cryptocurrency trading and that’s what can drive the price with this momentum. 

I’ll be happy to see your thoughts about the CRO coin and the news and what is your price prediction in the comments below. I will see you in another lecture. NFT platform launch NFT Platform Review launched a new NFT platform on the 26th of March 2021 has launched the new open-source public blockchain that is focused on payments, DeFi and NFTs. At, the NFT platform is looking to become the world’s largest and most user-friendly NFT platform. announcement on the launch of the NFT platform announcement on the launch of the NFT platform

Of course, the news pushed the CRO coin higher, the community expects the new platform.

Today, I will explain what the NFTs are, and why I am also looking forward to the new NFT platform from

NFTs are the new mania, the new phenomenon, the new unbelievable digital assets that sell from a couple of hundred dollars up to tens of millions.

NFT stands for a Non-Fungible Token, which means that this is a digital token. That’s a type of cryptocurrency like all the rest we know, but unlike a standard coin, the NFT crypto coins are unique. Meaning that every NFT is just one and it is a unique token in the digital world and this might pump their prices to mind-blowing figures.

An example is Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, who sells the first tweet for 2.5 million.

Jack Dorsey’s tweet sale

And the NFTs are something new for the cryptocurrency world. It is new for me, it is new for the crypto exchanges too. And I’m very excited that launches the NFT platform. I believe everyone in the community will feel safe purchasing NFT crypto coins from the platform, and not from any website that is not established as is.

Purchasing NFT crypto coins

And at the same time, we will feel much comfortable purchasing NFT crypto coins with the funds we already have in our accounts on instead of trying to fund accounts on external websites where currently the NFTs are available.

On some of the websites, it’s kind of hard to fund an account especially from some countries outside the U.S. And exactly for that reason, I didn’t purchase any NFT coins so far but having them on, I guess it will be much easier. And if I decide to purchase any, of course, I will record a lecture while doing it.

But again, keep in mind that this is something new, we can say it’s still experimental. We don’t know where it will go, we don’t know if we purchase NFT crypto coins for $1,000, will we able to sell them after that for a more expensive price or we will be just keeping it for ourselves?

For the moment, most of the investors accept the NFTs not just as an investment but also as a support to a favorite artist.

So let’s see below what exactly published on their blog. launching the NFT platform, with exclusive content from the different artists, as I said. publication regarding the NFC crypto coins platform
What published on their blog

This could be a piece from Aston Martin up to Snoop Dogg, for example. And has promised that this will be the most user-friendly and the world’s largest NFT crypto coins platform. Below, you can read more information about the event. But I will definitely make a review of it once it is live.

NFT crypto coins are different from other cryptocurrencies

I don’t want to go into details about the NFTs, how exactly they are being created and how they work.

But with very simple words, this could be just a JPEG or a very short video from an artist that is one of a kind. It’s a token but it’s unique. This is what makes the NFTs very different from the other crypto coins we know. Because most of the tokens that we know have a certain number of coins into circulation.

But with NFT crypto coins, it is just one. It’s a unique token and this is why some investors might find a huge value in the piece because it’s unique and they hope that they can sell that piece after years at a much more expensive price. Or they just want to have it for themselves, so no one else will have it. But the important thing is that the ownership of the NFT crypto coins is recorded on the blockchain.

the ownership of the NFT crypto coins is recorded on the blockchain
The ownership of the NFT crypto coins is recorded on the blockchain

So why did the news about launching the NFT platform pushed the CRO coin higher?

For beginners, the CRO is the token, which I also invested in and recorded already many lectures about it.

Diagram of CRO coin
The CRO coin of

But the sweet thing about it is the fact that when launches a new platform, services, anything that will be useful to the community, it pushes the price higher.

A month ago, I recorded a video about the mainnet launch and the CRO coin is burned. If you haven’t watched it, you can follow this external link (opens in a new tab).

I’m very glad that is offering new features, new platforms, new wallets. All the time they have something new to launch. And obviously, the community recognizes this as progress. And many investors and retail traders find value in the CRO coin because it represents the service that offers.

I have invested in the CRO coin too. And if you want to see all the assets that I invested in, I have shared my crypto portfolio spreadsheet. Check out my Patreon page to get access to the spreadsheet.

My portfolio spreadsheet

And if you want to get a bonus when you are staking CRO coins, you can follow this referral link. NFT platform review

From what I saw on the first day launched the NFT platform, I think they have a huge chance of achieving that. One sentence for those of you who do not know what NFTs are, and I will review the platform from my computer.

The NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens representing a digital piece of art, a JPEG, a short GIF, or a video. And the most important is that the NFTs are unique and their ownership is recorded on the blockchain.

Now, let me show you the NFT platform right on my computer.

So when you land on, on the top you can see the new tab, NFT. And if you open it, the first thing you will see (on Saturday, March 27th) is the cool Formula 1 Aston Martin car.

The cool Formula 1 Aston Martin car on NFT platform
The cool Formula 1 Aston Martin car on NFT platform

Now, the first thing you will notice, it’s really simple. On the top, we have the Explore, Drops, My NFTs, and My Profile.

So I will start from the Drops. Basically, these are the NFTs that will be offering. At the current moment, we have “A New Era Begins” with the Aston Martin. And below, we have the ones that ended, so yesterday or the first day was with the artist Boss Logic. And it’s ended, so we cannot buy straight from these NFTs anymore.

Upcoming drops on the NFT platform
Upcoming drops on the NFT platform

How you can purchase NFT crypto coins

We can only buy them from the people who have bought them and are now reselling them. But at the current moment, we have live the Aston Martin NFTs. And if I tap on it, you will see some info about the creator, about the Drop, and below are the pieces. So we have the unveiling which starts from $10,000, then we have the first run from Vettel and we have the number of editions.

So let me click on one and you will see what it looks like, let’s hear it. I’m not going to leave it until the end but the price is $3,000. Some people might find it costly, others that are huge fans of formula and Vettel might find it super cheap and they just might want to have it in their wallets. However, that’s a personal choice. What I want to show you more, is how you can purchase one.

So let me click on the 131 available, so these are the pieces that are available until the moment.

How you can purchase NFT crypto coins
How you can purchase NFT crypto coins

And I will tap on buy for $3,000, you see that I have the option to pay with credit or a debit card. Which makes it very easy for the people that are not users or the people that don’t have any cryptocurrencies. They can just purchase NFT crypto coins with a debit or a credit card. And this is what makes the NFT platform super simple according to me.

The new Drops from

Let me go back and what’s interesting here is if you don’t want to miss the new Drops from, you can just subscribe. I will do that right away.

And then on the top, we have as well the Explore. This is where we will be seeing the NFTs that users bought and are now selling them. So, for example, these arts from Boss Logic, yesterday were selling for $2,000. And you see that the users are selling them at a more expensive price, which is obviously very logical. At the same time, someone has bought the Vettel’s first run which we saw starts from $3,000 and the guy is selling it for $3,688.

Actually, if I tap on 34 for sale, we will see how many of those pieces are available. If I click on Select available editions, right away we can see that there is a user who wants to sell his piece for $1 million. I wish him luck selling it for this price. However, it’s a personal choice what will be your strategy once you purchase NFT crypto coins. You can just keep it in your Collectibles.

NFT tokes for sale on the platform
NFT tokes for sale on the platform

So if I tap on My NFTs, you will see that I have the page with Collectibles. And then I will have the ones that I am selling or the ones that I have created and pretty much that’s it.

You can manage your profile easily, you can follow the Drops coming from, and you can explore the NFTs that you have missed to buy and you want to buy from other users who have bought it from the NFT platform.

I really found it awesome, it’s user-friendly, everyone can easily become an owner using a Visa card. Usually, NFTs are complicated but when you see a platform like this one, it’s just simple. And I’m a step away from purchasing one of these cool Aston Martin NFTs. But really? $3,000 for a short video? It’s not just a short video, but these are tokens. And later we can sell them. But I will think about it again.

Is it worth spending $3,000 for NFT? Do you plan to do it? Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts. And if you enjoyed this article and our vlogs, subscribe to Trading Academy YouTube channel so you won’t miss anything new about the crazy crypto world. I will see you guys in another lecture.

What is NFT crypto coin?

NFT stands for a Non-Fungible Token, which means that this is a digital token. The NFT tokens represent a digital piece of art, a JPEG, a short GIF, or a video. The NFTs are unique tokens and their ownership is recorded on the blockchain.

What is DeFi?

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is a form of finance, based on blockchain, that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, or banks to offer financial instruments. DeFi recreates traditional financial instruments in decentralized blockchain architecture.