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      Hello Everyone,

      I am checking which factor or dimension we use to generate strategies with the EA Studio really influence the success rate of the strategy.

      As an example, I see that if a generate strategies for 24h the success rate (profitable EA/ installed EA) rather than 5h I get more strategies passing the validation and stress test and the win rate is 10 to 20% higher.

      I want to share the following:

      – During last 4 months I have generated 5000 EAs

      – I have incubated (demo accounts) 966 EAs

      – Out of 966 only 456 became active, the others are somehow sleeping

      – Out of 456 approx 60% (188) are profitable.

      Not bad, I would say, even though managing all that stuffs is not easy.

      However, I have experienced on some collection 20-30% win rate. Some other collections have 80-90%. So said, definitely something from the generation process drives lower or higher results and still it is not clear to me.

      Now I am trying to characterise and document all I can about each single trading idea (the starting point) and the EA Studio setup.

      If anyone here wants to share experiences or talk about this stuffs I will be happy to join.





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