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    Dear mates,
    I wish to open a topic here to extend a bit the difference between the two Forex Algo Software EA Studio and Forex Strategy Builder Pro.
    I have the Optimal Pack from some time, and I am practicing with the two. I have some amazing EAs already, but more profits I see with the EAs from the Forex algo software FSP Pro. Anyway, I know that there is much more to learn about setting up the generator and the reactor with EA Studio in order to have more robust strategies. So far I know from petko that he uses the FSB pro to create more trend following strategies with higher time frames filters, and this works great with me as well.
    I hope others will share which forex algo software they prefer to spend more time on?


    To be honest with you I prefer to use FSB Pro more as a forex algo software. It has more options and features(even missing the Reactor)


    Dear Andi,
    its a personal choice which forex algo software one wants to use. I saw your results on the e-mail, and you are doing just fine. Take it easy with the lost, I think you go a bit more risky.Anyway good profits!


    I concluded that using both is useful.However I think I succeed to build EAs and trade faster with the portfolio Expert Adivors in Ea Studio Forex robot software. Also, it takes less time to place them over the chart. I like as well the new feature walk forward optimization.


    Hey Thapelo,

    in few days I am launching the new course Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors. It is indeed a great method for algorithmic trading. The Forex robot software EA Studio is unique because it is being developed with many new things, that the trading platforms are still ” behind” with.


    Petko, a silly question from me. If the EA Studio is web based, does it mean that we can use it in many broker or not? I see that FSB Pro comes with number of licenses, so If I take one, I need to use it on one computer only? What about EA Studio?

    Chris Eliot

    Hello Andi,
    I guess you wanted to ask if you can use EA Studio on many browsers, not brokers 🙂 If this was the question, yes you can. However with me when I put it on more than 3 the generator becomes a bit slow, but still very useful. I have computer and laptop, so i run 5-6 reactors every night. This Forex robot software is the think that changed my trading.



    it really depends on the computer/laptop you are using. The more powerful it is, the more browsers with the Forex robot software EA Studio generator you can run simultaneously. Of course do not buy computer for that, it is just fine if you run it on 2-3 browsers simultaneously. If you arrange your time, and run all the time the Reactor in 2 browsers, you will end up with many robust strategies to test.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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