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      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello Petko,

      I have a quick question here about the best forex robot that you are explaining in the Top 10 EURUSD Forex strategies course. Is the idea to find among the ten, the best forex robot and to keep trading it at all times? If so, how can I actually understand which one it is? I mean when I placed the EAs on Demo and connected with the FX blues, I see that the one on the top is changing all the time.

      What I was thinking to do, so I can fin the best forex robot, is to keep a statistic, which one stayed the longest on the top. So for example, if robot A goes up and stays there for 5 days, than B stays there for 2 days, than A stays another 4 days, and so on? Do you think that is correct or not? If so, then for how long time should I do that, to make it sure I selected the best forex robot among the 10.

      Anyway, I will really appreciate your opinion about it, because I have been struggling for a while to fine my best forex robot.

      Thanks for all that you share in your courses!

      Sincerely yours,

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      Dear Thapelo,
      Glad to hear from you. Actually the idea of trading the best forex robot is different.

      After you place the EAs on a Demo account and connect it with the FXBLue website, you need to open another Demo account(which after that will be the live account). What you need to do is to move to the second account the best forex robot with the first statistics you have ready. After that when any other takes its place, you need to replace the one that you have out in the second account. Just remove it.

      This way, you will always keep the best forex robot into the second account. So it is not about having one permanent best forex robot to trade, but to KEEP the best one always into the second account.

      Also, you can do the very same thing for the Top 3, Top 5.it is your choice.

      Hope it is clear


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      User AvatarThapelo

      Thank you so much Petko. This makes more sense to me! I will try to do that and come abck with any questions.

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      No warries Thapelo. Let me know if you have any qestions or hard time finding your best forex robot.

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      User AvatarSabastian Lim

      Anyone has traded the gold with EAs? I tried to generate strategies and look for the best strategy, but it seems that Forex is easier. I think it will be hard for me to find the best forex robot there, just because it is not FOrex, but gold 🙂

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      Dear Lim,
      Glad to hear from you. Yes we have tried during th years many things but we stick to the Forex, and recently to the cryptocurrencies.
      Much easier to findd the best Forex robot because it is ok to trade even 99 EAs(as I show in one of the courses) in one trading account.
      We follow the performance on Demo account and after that we place the best Forex robot on a live, and by the best, I mean the one that is currently making profits.

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