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      Hi everybody, I’m Lance.   I’m a new trader and new to this forum.   Very happy that I found it, and Petko will be quite happy too since I’ll now stop using his Q&A as if it’s a forum rather than a Q&A section.

      In the bitcoin strategy that I’m using, trades on Saturdays and Sundays are just as profitable as other days.   In the back tests, I do get wrecked regularly by being forced to stay in positions a couple days longer than I should.  There’s probably some trick to get around that, but there’s no trick that makes up for the 29% of time that is the weekend, when I could be and would like to be trading.

      I like that on the crypto trading exchange Bybit, I can place immediate limit orders at the current price of bitcoin rather than the marked up prices required by brokers as well.  These reasons to attempt to use these bots with Bybit rather than the standard channels, if that can be done, are compelling.

      Has anyone here had success using these bots from the Expert Advisor Studio on Bybit?   Are there limitations, or any reasons that pursuing this is a worse idea than it seems to be?   Is it technically difficult to make this happen and work perfecctly?

      Thanks in advance for any help or information.



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