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    I’m running the top 10 EURUSD EA’s.

    Is it correct that these leave the trades open during the weekend?

    If so then why did you choose for this?

    This is my first week and I’m not sure if I should close everything manually on Friday or not.

    Kind regards,






    Hello Johan,

    Welcome to the forum. Well, that is a huge dilemma in algorithmic trading. You will not find a precise answer to this question.

    The best thing would be to try it both. You can open one Demo account and leave it trading all the time, and one another where you can pause. See which one will be better for you.

    Personally, I do not pause anymore. The EAs are generated and backtested over the complete Historical data which means without pausing. And the other thing is that we aim at fully algorithmic trading.

    So it is up to you.


    I trade all the time as well. If you pause or stop the EAs, it will be harder to follow precise results after that. What if you are unable to do that one weekend? It will become a mess.

    As Petko said the generator wors over all the Historical data. Now if you want your trades to close on Friday, you can select that when you generate strategies:

    EA Studio tools


    If you select it. You will generate strategies that actually closed on Friday. And you will have a better backtest.


    Thanks for making this clearer, Andi. So yes, if you select this option when you generate strategies, all exported EAs will close on Friday.

    That is actually the better option instead of closing manually EAs that were generated over the complete Historical data.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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