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      User AvatarROBINS

      I don’t know if I’m being reasonable or not, or if I’m going to waste my time, but I would like to have new strategies every 10 days or so and therefore generate new strategies. I think the market is changing too fast, even every week and so that’s why I’m going to do this.I will generate strategies in M15 and H1, put them on a first demo account, then the winners on another demo account as you recommended.
      At most, I can test them over 3 three days with 5 trades for each strategy, and put them on a real account afterwards.
      With your experience, what do you think, what advice can you give me?

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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi Robins,

      I think that it is worth a try.

      Here is what I do:  When I generate strategies I use different look back times such as 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, etc.  Also I trade all the major currency pairs and their crosses as well as all the minor currency pairs but I don’t generate all the strategies for all these currency pairs all at one time.  I have a list of all these currency pairs.  So I just start down the list.  Everyday I will pick the next currency pair add it to the generator, choose a lookback time period, and let is run for 10 hours overnight.  The next day I pick the best strategy and add it to my demo account.  Then I pick the most profitable strategies for my live account.  For me I feel this diversifies the currency pairs, the lookback timeframe, and the changing market.

      So, don’t be afraid to experiment with various methods, test them and determine which works best for you.

      Happy Strategies,


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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Robins,

      First point is that EA studio is undoubtedly the best software for this approach given its speed of generation and validation.

      I know a trader who does exactly this with EA studio.

      I would suggest that to be even more efficient that you save a pool of collections and validate first also, depending on the look back period I would expect most of the strategies you generated the week before to pass again this week (unless you are using an extremely short look back)

      If looking for 5 trades in three days then I would expect that m5 and m15 timeframes will work better for this. Usually I expect my h1 EAs to make 1-2 trades a week.

      Additionally can you share your trading background so I can help further if you have more questions. I would strongly recommend at this point that your live account is either very small and trading the smallest lot size available or a mock live account until you are getting stable results.

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      User AvatarROBINS

      Hi Samuel and Alan,

      Thank you very much for your reply !





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