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      Hello traders,

      I had an interesting conversation via e-mail with one of our traders. And I wish to share it in the Forum. This way, if other traders encounter the same issue, you will know where it comes from.

      Question: Just to clarify, once a requote is issued by a broker, the EAs all stop working?

      Answer: It is not true. The EA works perfectly. It calculates the strategy rules and sends orders. However, the broker refuses to execute the order and returns “requote,”

      Question: Also, it doesn’t explain why new EAs are not opening positions. Why wouldn’t we just adjust the code to compensate if that would be the case?

      Answer: There is only one reason – the broker refuses to execute the order by returning “requote.” This condition must describe cases when the price has changed from the time the orders were placed. However, our experts use on;y “market” orders. It means the EA uses the current market price. “Requote” dos happen. The EA reacts to such cases by repeating the order. However, your case is different. No matter how many times the expert sends orders, the broker returns “requote.” The broker has programs that work in their favor against the traders. They send various error messages when they are unable or unwilling to execute an order. “Requote” is a typical malicious broker behavior.

      Question: We use … broker and have corporate rates etc. so it would be a lot easier for us to continue with his broker and just pro program the code.

      Answer: The expert’s code is perfect. It can be reprogrammed in many different ways. However, it cannot fix the broker’s execution in any way because the problem is in the broker’s backend.

      A question to Mr. Popov from ForexSoftare: Do you have any programmers who you can recommend?

      Answer from Mr. Popov: We are one of the best Expert Advisor’s programmers with 20 years of experience and more than 12 patents. You already purchased and have the best software for Expert Advisors in the industry. Be sure we do our best to provide the world’s most safe and reliable expert advisers. However, we cannot modify the broker’s behavior.

      It is possible that the broker has temporary difficulties. We cannot guess that. Please ask in their support forum for the problem. You may also call their support. However, I’m hugely pessimistic that they will come with a solution.

      You may continue trading with your broker with the hope they will recover. You may also try another broker.



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