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      User Avatarch_alcala

      Hi everyone, really excited by the general idea of generating robots so easily. After following a few Perko’s courses, I found it difficult to manage the EAs. If I follow some advices, to change the EAs following the last 3, 7 and 30 days performance in FX blue, i have the impression that the best one are the next bad ones. As the very short term good performers will start to lose at some point. 75-100 win ratio is not sustainable. So I change the EAs with the best ones of the last days that will start to show some weakness in the short term.

      With your experience what method offer a good and reasonable way to generate profits ?

      I have 4 live portfolios running for 1 month and no one is profitable… here are the courses I’m following: 99EAs, top 5 prof, top 10 NZD/USD and top 12 EAs

      To conclude, I have the impression that with EA Studio (not yet a subscriber) I’ll replace the stress of trading by the stress of finding the best strategy to use every minute, every day, every week every month…

      I know Petko and other traders here are doing very well.
      Sorry for my not so good English and thanks in advance for your precious help.



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      Hey Christopher,

      Glad to hear from you. Welcome to the Forum and don’t worry about the English, it is just fine, and as you can see mine is not good as well 🙂

      It is hard to manage the EAs. That is true.

      But it doesn’t really mean that the good EAs wills tart losing, it really depends on many things. Mainly from the market.

      When you put the EAs on the live account do you follow the results with FX Blue and how do you decide when to remove them?

      Let me know.


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      User Avatarch_alcala

      Hi Petko,

      thanks for reponding. yes I follow the results with FXblue. I scan the last days (7-15 and 30 days) and decide which to remove and add.

      I know that for any new trade you have the same probabilities of win or loss but a lot of times when selecting the most recent good performers you have for example 4,5 or 6 winning trades with no loss. So, my fear is that the moment you add it it will have a series of loosers as it’s hard to get a winning streak of more than 4-5. I don’t if I explain myself well enough.

      Petko, you really select the best ones when you have so many winning trades with no losses ? I know that you are able to perform around 50% per month, can you share a few elements ? I’m not looking to reach this type of performance but I’m still loosing. Even with the top 5 prof that you don’t need to touch excepted when you send an update.

      Thank you so much.


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      Hey Christian,

      To be honest with you this month July was very hard. Many of the traders reported to me that they did losses.

      It is because the EURUSD broke the long-range and it is very bullish. This affected the EAs because they were generated over Historical data that is for the range of the EURUSD.

      Now I am working on updating the EAs with more recent Historical data – no more than 50 000 bars (keeping all the acceptance criteria).

      There are always such months – I am at around 10% this month, but with much more from the Cryptocurrencies system that I show in my latest course the Cryptocurrency Investment strategy.

      Anyway, what you can do is just to lower the lots to 0.01 ot live or spend more time on Demo until you figure it out how exactly you want to do it.

      Regarding the trades, you might want to give it longer time and not to try catching a consecutive profit because this is hard. At the same time, if you see that everything goes down, you have to pause the trading for a while because obviously the problem is from the market itself. It took an unexpected and opposite direction.

      This is why we use different strategies – to catch the different market conditions, but if at one moment it goes bad for all of the EAs, it is better to stop.

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