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      User AvatarSvet Mentor

      Dear Traders,
      since we have more and more students coming to us after they were scammed by brokers, I would like to open this topic and give you some tips how you can recognize the SCAM Brokers:
      1. After you leave your contacts online, they will call you immediately.
      There are companies that are called Affiliates. They do the marketing and after you register with one of those, your phone number is given to many companies. That’s why most of the times even you register for one, you will receive many phone calls from many different companies. The first company that succeed to take your money pays the Affiliate company.
      2. The first call you receive is from the “Account manager/specialist”.
      Normally they do not use their real names and they are not located in the country they say(normally London or Cyprus).
      Usually they promise you some kind of income and benefits:
      -Automated robot with success rate up to 80 – 90%.
      -Professional trader that will do the education for you, will monitor your trading.
      -The company will receive 1-5% commission from every profitable trade you make, so they will make their best!
      Some will give you up to 100% bonus – this way after that you can not redraw your money – in their terms and conditions they have the condition that you can redraw your money back when you complete 30 times trading volume of your initial capital. As you can guess your money will be lost much earlier.
      4. They will ask for your DEBIT/CREDIT CARD DETAILS.
      There are many sales ways that will convince you to do that – they are licensed by Visa/Master Card, they have SSL, they will transfer you to their financial department(normally the guy that sits next to him), the call is being recorded and they can not loose their job if they do something wrong and so on…
      5. After they take you the money, you will receive a call from their compliance department.
      They will ask you to send proof of ID, proof of residence and picture of your CREDIT/DEPIT CARD with some hidden details, to make you forget you just gave it to them and they have your credit/debit card details already.
      This way the Scam brokers protect from a Charge back. By sending your documents you approve the transaction and it will be nearly impossible to charge back your money with Visa and MasterCard.
      6. After that you receive the call from “the professional trader” or “the senior account manager”.
      In the first call he will ask you as many questions as possible – your job, your family, your income. The purpose is to understand how much money you have. If they see that you do not have much more money, it is very possible that you will not receive another call and your money will be gone with their “automated software”.
      If you have more money – you will receive more calls. He will start making trading sessions for you/share his screen via skype normally, because skype is hard to be recorded and followed by the regulatory companies. They will show you unbelievable results – normally they control the price on their platforms and nearly all the trades they show you will be profitable. And the profits into your account obviously are not real. This way the people “see” in this “professional trader” the man that will change their life and make them rich. Obviously they will ask you for more and more money…
      You should know one thing – these people have no idea about trading and they are just very very good sales men.
      The outcome is different – the moment you want to redraw some money – they will not allow you and they will stop answering your phone and you will see how the money from your account are disappearing.
      Some of our students shared that they redrew some of the money but not all they put in and normally it took them months. It is sad that even after the movie The Wolf of Wall-Street, the people continue to believe it and loose their money this way.
      I will be happy if more people share their experience in the forum here so we can prevent some future scams..
      For us is challenge to do it, because when our students come to us after they had experience with Scam Brokers, for us its much harder to the professional education to them, because they are very skeptical to the Financial market an that is understandable…
      Anyway even you had that bad experience you should know one thing:
      Trust nobody in trading, but yourself. That’s why you need to learn to trade by yourself and to create automated strategies ( Expert Advisers) by yourself!
      I hope I was useful!

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      User AvatarPeter Sam

      Dear Sir Svet, thank you for sharing that information with all. Unfortunatelly that was my first expirience with trading…i lost 250USD with a Scam Broker and with there “quontom code”software…but i can say that i am not sorry for that anymore. Because this way i started looking for professional EAs…software strategy builders and this way i found the academy, bought the course Portfolio of Forex strategies and EA Studio. Now i am with a profit bigger then 250USD. Of course i prefer if i did not have that bad expirience with a Scam Broker but what to do, that is life, we learn from the mistakes.
      Thank you also for recomending me the good broker! I had already 2 redrowals and i feel alright now.

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      User AvatarGeorge Steel

      Good you lost just 250 there..i was scamed twice and i can not belive how i actually gave met card details 2 times…
      These people are horibale and they are just steeling our money. Now i restarted it all with a small trading account and with the help of the academy i think i will recover my losses. I can say that EA Forex Academy are really professionals and their courses will help anymobdy learn trading.

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      Thank you for the good words George, with the last results you sent. Me in the detailed statement, I think you are already much above your loses 🙂 good job!

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      About the scam brokers, yes its the horrible part in the financial market. I do not know how the people continue to give cards over the phone and believe that someone else will make money and profits for them.

      Thank you Svet, for the topic, I hope more people will reach to it, before they are burned.

      For me, even the brokers with high spread are scammers. I had a student who sent me the statement with the GBPJPY Strategy from the Top 5 Forex Strategies with losses and in the same time with us it was profitable. After we compared the statements we saw that his spread was 12-14 pips…and even he was pausing on news and all was done properly, the balance was negative.

      I really suggest everybody to make a good resurch before taking any actions to open live accounts.

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      User AvatarPeter Sam

      I am very upset because i will have to change my phone number…the Scam brokers just do not stop calling even i told them 100 times that i am already trading with a broker…if you have any advices what to tell them on the phone, so they will not call me any more would be just great.

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      Hey Peter,

      Yes you better change the number…the problem is that your number is not with only one but many.
      This happens because you have registered on some Ad, but this Ad was from Affiliate(this is how they call themselves). After that they give your number to many brokers, so the first that succeeds to deposit with you, will pay the to Affiliate. Overall the Affiliates are the once making the sweet money.
      Keep your head up always when dealing with anyone over the phone.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      O, Svet I give a fortune to go back in time and see your topic. This is exactly what have happened to me. Such scam brokers exploded 3 real accounts of mine. Lost more than 10k. Anyway now I am smarter and have already profits with Petko’s courses. I will try to be smarter and trade with good money management(trying to forget the loses I had before, just taking them as a lesson now to avoid the scam brokers)

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      User AvatarTina

      Oh, this is a big problem with Scam brokers… Thank you to everyone about opinion about Scam brokers… Some time ago I lost a certain amount of money and it was
      terrible. This was big lesson for me..

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      Ladies, sorry to hear that. Take it easy and try to ignore the bad experience with the Scam brokers. Gain more knowledge and education and you will be able to recover and profit.

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      User AvatarThapelo

      I wanted to share my experience with the Scam brokers. I wanted to start trading few months ago and I started to watch videos in YouTube. Then I saw that it is possible that to be done with robots. I understood that meta trader is the best platform with that. I started looking for brokers that offer meta trader. Then it happened to me the same thing above explained by Sven. I registered for two demo accounts and they started calling every day. Then I realized that this is not normal and started looking for scans brokers. I found that topic and I am happy that it was here. Already registered with legit brokers and took the pack of the academy and I am first taking professional education before start trading without any idea…I do believe that this is the right way and I thinks the Academy for all the support and professionalism.

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      User AvatarIohan Dive

      Hello to all,

      For my soothing I did not met Scam Brokers to this moment… thank you to all about share with us your experience, I will be careful with Scam Brokers for future…

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      User AvatarMike
    • I have also been scammed by a whole host of brokers and services. I lost my business, my house, and my boat as a result.
    • It started when I became ill and couldn’t work for many months and an employee took advantage and stole all the liquidity out of the company in my absence.
    • I was trying to save the company and recover the liquidity and a friend trying to help introduced me to managed binary option accounts. He was having an amazing experience and his account was growing rapidly. Several people went in on this after the people who had invested earlier were getting payouts. Turned out it was a ponzi scheme but before this came apparent the mindset that you could make money with managed accounts set in and I was surrounded in a community that believed the same. I am not by nature a gambler and I am a hard worker and don’t give up easily, but because I was so vulnerable due to my situation, I lost alot and it destroyed me.
    • I had this very wrong and vulnerable idea that they can’t be all bad. I wont go into all the details, but I think I have been through the most. Also, I did not want to learn to trade as I was so busy trying to save the company (before I had to let it go), and learning to trade is no easy or quick task in my opinion.
    • Today I am still learning to trade and I am getting better all the time, but for me it has not been easy, and it is even harder when you are under tremendous pressure. I am in a group of traders where about maybe 10% are experienced and doing very well and are somewhat willing to help other learn to trade. Why I mention this is because, I cant imagine any of the successful traders I know even being willing to to trade someone else’s money. Why would they, they can trade their own money and they have lots of it (several I know trade between $500 to $2000 per pip). They don’t need the pressure of handling someone else’s account nor do they need another’s liquidity (which would be insignificant to their own capital). If they really wanted to help someone financially for whatever reason, it would be less hassle for them just to send some money.
    • What I have learned from this is that easiest way to identify a scam (because they come in so many forms) is that it is not reasonable that someone is investing in an email or telephone list and taking time out of their trading or leisure time to call around to people they don’t know to get small amounts of capital to trade with if they are any good. No matter how nice or convincing they are (scammers are good at this), there is no logic to this, and they will sooner or later blow your investment. Either they are an outright scam, they are an unprofitable trader, or they are a risky trader who may have good periods but sooner or later will blow it, and that is why they want to trade with somebody else’s capital.
    • A successful trader will have so many people that know them personally that are begging and nagging for them to trade their money for them, but even then, they probably won’t. Some may like to help others to learn as a way of giving back, and there are some real decent people and services, but they are rare and they are very unlikely to need to be too aggressive with marketing, not to mention cold calling people up.
    • The problem is that bad traders know all the lingo of the market and because they can’t trade, if they are unethical and a smooth talker, they get by from useless trading services and scams.
    • Don’t get me wrong, it can be lonely as a professional trader, and there are those that like to have a side hobby service and/or enjoy the community feel, but these are rare are very hard for a newbie to know the difference. If you have taken any of Petko’s courses and are not new to the learning process it’s not that hard to see he knows what he is talking about and has alot of experience in his field.
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    Dear Mike,
    thank you very much for sharing the whole thing with everyone. I do believe that this way you will help many students never to “BELEAVE” that someone will call them over phone and will make them rich…unfortunately there are still 100s Scam brokers companies operating all over the world which are doing it.
    Anyway, you have now the Mega Pack, you have all the necessary tools to create robust strategies. The bad experience you had will help you to be more strict in taking risk and to keep a good money management with your accounts always.

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    User AvatarSharapova Sisi

    Hello Mike..

    It is a terrible story about scam brokers.. thank you that share with us.. thank you to all for the advices..

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    User AvatarCone D


    thank you for your share the bad experience about the scam brokers…

    There is a little bit legitimate brokers and it`s too complicated to distinguish the legitimate brokers from scam brokers!

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    User AvatarTom Storm

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve come to scam brokers who tried to get me into their scheme, but for my great happiness I managed to avoid them. The scam brokers have wanted to invest my money and they said me thah will manage them, but I have been heared about Scam Brokers and I don`t trusted them.
    I think that everyone who have bad experience with Scam Brokers and can share with the people in the forum can be protect them from scam brokers, beacause there are many bad stories about them.

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    User AvatarLaura Stone

    In some courses of the academy you can see lecture about the Scam brokers with advices and different situations in which you can easy recognise the scam brokers. It will be useful for everyone, mostly for the begginer trader, which are attacked often from scam brokers, and they want to take you your money. Be Carefull!

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    User AvatarTom Storm

    Hello Laura,

    thank you for your advice. Yes, I saw the video about the Scam brokers in many courses of the academy. I think that everyone NEVER MUST BE TRUSTET IF ANYONE CALL HIM AND SUGGEST TO MANAGE HIS MONEY!!! It is clear that it will be totally liar and everyone at first must be read this topic or see the lectures about Scam Brokers from the Petko course, because “people this is your money,do not give them to someone who will lied you!” First of all you can learn a lot and than you can trade alone, without someone who promise you that will be manage your money (Scam brokers, again!) Be carefull and read the first publication in the topic “How to recognize the Scam Brokers?” -there are really many advices that can be protect you!


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    User AvatarDeniza

    I never thought that the Scam Brokers are like profession and they lie so much !!! Thank you for everyone for advices and mostly from Svet !

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    User AvatarTina

    Why people do not study for trading and rely on that someone (the scam brokers) will be manage their money? I think that all money that you give for someone who “promise to you to manage your money” you can invest for education and for courses. Yes, it is takes away more time, but it is more reliably

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    I am glad that this topic helped many new traders to avoid the Scam Brokers.

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    User AvatarTravis Nose

    I see in many courses that Petko explain in details about Scam Brokers and how to protect from them, so I think that it is good to learn more before you go to trading. There is basic course and courses for more advanced traders.

    Good luck traders and be carreful!

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    User AvatarSvet Mentor

    We hope taht more and more people will udnerstand from this topic about the Scam brokers, and now after they were scammed.

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    User AvatarPipster

    If I may jump in and add a bit of advice.
    Always check, check, check if the broker you’re looking at is regulated (and where).
    Do NOT trust a line on the website that says “We’re regulated by XXX (insert regulator here)”.
    Make sure to go to the regulator’s website/register and find that broker there.
    Important note! – Double check if the broker is licenced/registered or regulated. There is a difference.

    For example: if a broker is regulated by BaFin (Germany), but registered in ACPR (France) and FCA (UK) if you have a problem – you have to contact BaFin, not the licence providers. You can contact them as well, but they will only be able to forward your inquiry to BaFin, instead of handling it themselves.

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    User AvatarJames

    I read the EA BLOG and this article https://eatradingacademy.com/crytpocurrency-trading-brokers-exchanges/ and for first time I saw the term “Scam brokers” in this forum. I am really surprised how many people shared their bad experienced with the Scam brokers. I have never before heard for them and this is really new thing for me which will be very useful in the future, because I am beginner traders. Thank you for the academy and for everyone who share this information!

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    Guys, I am very happy that this article turned to be so useful. Also, want to say THANK YOU one more time to the people who are sharing their bad experience with the scam brokers.

    I really appreciate that!

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    User AvatarViolet

    Dear friends,

    I decided to share my bad fortune with the brokers, even I wanted to keep it for my self and just forget it, I do not think I will ever forget it.

    However, I have decided that it will be more useful if I share it…

    It all started last September when I have registered for some online robot that brings 90% profit on monthly basis, I do not know I could have believed that I why I did put money it to it. By the time I realized that this is not real, I have funded the X company with more than 25K euro. These were my savings for the last 3 years.

    Last month I came across to one of the courses from Petko, because I decided that this will be my job(after I have earned more than the invested capital in 8 months, my account was over 60k with the account manager).

    Than going over the course from Petko, I stated to doubt the methods and the systems this manager was following, and finally I came to this topic and realized that it was all a lie. I started to ask them to redraw some of my money, and there were always reasons to be refused. One day they stopped answering the phone…

    Even I am not going to practice trading anymore(or for sure until I forget this all), I am happy I met the courses of Petko, because he made me realize the stupid mistake, and if it was not him, I would have placed more money into that company. So I am very thankful to him, and that he is one of the few people who fights the scam brokers and helps the students to recognize them.

    So, what to say more, if you are reading this and you still did not fund an account with any broker, consider yourself to be lucky and a winner already.

    Anyway, may be when I save some money again, I will go over the courses from EA Forex Academy, and do trading by myself, but for the moment I do not have nearly any money left and my mind is so tired that I do not think I will be able to do it…just want to forget it..

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    User Avatarjacque

    I got ripped off by a scam broker recently it was difficult to get a withdrawal, I had to hire a recovery solution company to get my money back. Glad this is finally over and I got my money back.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience Jacque. Glad to hear that you have recovered the money and got away from the Scam brokers.

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    User AvatarIan Bibian

    How come these so called regulation companies are not stopping the Scam brokers?
    Why is 21st century there are such cheating companies dealing around and stealing peoples money…that is crazy!

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    User AvatarKristiano

    Mates, you were lucky all reading this topic…

    I came to EA Forex Academy after many losses with the Scam brokers…

    Feel so stupid I trusted these guys because they made me feel so good and relaxed that my account was growing, while it was distinguished

    That is great topic and I am sure that it will help to many people. Just read carefully all in the first post of this topic. It explains it all in details.

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    Hey Kristiano, welcome to the forum and the Academy. I am sorry to hear that you lost money from the Scam Brokers.

    My advice to you would be not to hurry now trading again(even you did not do trading there) but just take it easy, keep good money management, and make sure you control the things.

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    User AvatarTraderzonefx

    Such a shame to these scam brokers. I do not know how this is possible in 2018.

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    Unfortunately, the Scam brokers will always find paths to work this way, they close doors, open under another name, and keep on scamming the people. Thanks for everyone who shared his experience here, we have helped many..

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    User AvatarFXboomer

    I was nearly scammed, I got one call, and then another one, and another one. I got suspicious, and I started looking for brokers and Scam brokers, and I found this page in the Forum. This helped me realize that I Was a step from getting scammed. Glad I found it.

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    User AvatarHaliffa

    You are lucky you saw the Forum. I was late….anyway I have stable profits now the last two month using Petko’s Expert Advisors and some that I have created, so I really hope to recover the loss soon.

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    User AvatarHaliffa

    I do hope one day all the Scam brokers will be gone..or at least stronger regulations.

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    We all hope for that. The bad thing is that they have a lot of money already so they always succeed to go around the rules.

    Unfortunately they give the trading bad name…

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    User AvatarStephen

    I read some news that these scam brokers were revealed, and some people went to prison!

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    User Avataral_kuwait55

    well, the Scam brokers will always continue to work according to me.

    I am trading for many years now, and the last days looked for another broker to extend my trading. They nearly succeeded to take my money by promising huge bonus when funding the account…I do not believe this sh..

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    User AvatarBob Saphen

    Some of the regulated brokers do actually provide bonus when you fund the account, but it should be 10-20% anyway it might be Scam brokers

  • #7573

    Most of the time when you get such a bonus there is some hidden information like “You need to trade X number of lots before you can redraw your funds”

    This is a little bit tricky because they hold your money. Normally they can’t, if they are regulated. So once you make a redraw they will just take the bonus.

    So it is more of a tool to hold you money longer..anyway these are practices of the regulated broker, and these are not Scam brokers.

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    User AvatarAndi

    That is quite interesting information Petko. Last days I was around the brokers, asking different questions, I saw that some offer bonuses and I decided it was scam. Thanks for the info!

  • #7746

    You are welcome, Andi! You should be always skeptical about the brokers.

    Also, if any is legit and regulated, it does not mean it will stay this way forever. It could always get on the Scam brokers side.

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    User AvatarHaliffa

    The Scam brokers are disaster! I was scammed few times, it took me time and money to realize what I do…

    anyway, now I feel I am on my feet and having very stable education from Petko.

  • #7834

    Glad to hear that, Haliffa!

    Enjoy the Holidays, head up, and leave that in the past!

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    User AvatarAndi

    I am nor sure how regulated are the regulated brokers. Even having FCA, I am sure they can do many scam things.

    It is obvious that the regulators take a lot of money to keep them regulated, but I wonder what they can do, even they have the FCA on their page.

    Of course it is not like with the Scam brokers where you can not take your money..

  • #7997

    Hello Andi,

    Yes, you are right, it is very expensive for the broker to have FCA or any other huge regulation. This brings the trust into it, and more clients obviously.

    One of the things that regulated broker can do is to slow down the execution of the trades with couple of seconds maximum. How ever that is a problem for the scalping trader, or for the EA trading on M1 chart.

    That is one of the reasons I choose M15 and higher time frames. Yes I use M5 and M1 but with higher time frame filters, so even having a small delay wont effect the trading.


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    User AvatarAndi

    I see, Petko. Anyway we can not have access to the liquidy providers, so we need the brokers.

    I agree that delay of few seconds will not effect bad with the EAs created with EA Studio.

    However, we stay away from the bad Scam brokers. Sorry to hear Haliffa was scammed.

  • #8328

    Unfortunately 1000s people get scammed every day, and we can not do anything about it, except having the forum with this topic in here. The Scam brokers will continue their work, because those that close doors, the move to another country with different name, until they are closed again, and again..this is how it works nowadays.

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    User AvatarChingi

    I was so surprised to see this topic in the forum! I can not believe there are such Scam brokers in nowadays regulations and laws and all…how this is even possible?

    Another great act of you Petko, and your team to have this topic, which I am convinced many read daily and avoid the Scam brokers.

  • #8372

    Yes. Chingi, I hope more beginner traders will see this topic so they can learn how to avoid the scam brokers.

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    User AvatarHaliffa

    Even someone is scammed (as I was) with a lot of effort, patience, the help of Petko and EA Studio profits can be bigger than losses 🙂

  • #8414

    Hey Haliffa, it makes me happy that I was in help to get over the Scam brokers and actually make more profit.

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    User AvatarChris Eliot

    This topic about How to recognize the Scam brokers is really useful!

    I had a friend who was nearly scammed. He called me to ask few questions because he knew that I have been trading from quite a long time.

    From what he said, I was sure that this was a Scam broker. I sent him the link from this page, and he actually realized it.

  • #8497

    Well done, Chris! When you protect someone from being scammed, is similar to making profits for him.

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    User AvatarViktor Isaak

    Hey Petko,

    I have read that many scam brokers moved to Serbia, do you know something about it? I am from there, and I wonder why the fu.. they come here?

  • #8728
    User AvatarDesita

    They are all over the place. There are many in eastern Europe, in Cyprus, Israel(this is their heart), Mexico, India….

  • #8756

    Hey Viktor,

    yes, many moved to Serbia, because there they pay less to the sales people they have. The keep normally some office in Europe country to pretend that they are regulated. Desita is right, they are everywhere.

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    User AvatarKiromasterbitcoin

    Very useful topic! I was nearly scammed by Scam brokers…but did not go. 🙂 They kept ringing like crazy

  • #8855

    If your phone gets in their data base, you will receive calls from many different Scam brokers because the companies that collect people via different marketing tools, they will share your phone to many Scam brokers. The first one that succeeds to scam you, and take your money, will pay. This is how they work.

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    User AvatarJohn Michael

    I can not believe that those Scam Brokers are still the same? I can not figure one thing out:

    Why the regulations regulate only the brokers that pay to them? How about the rest?

    Imagine there are laws only for the people who are paying taxes, and they other can do what ever they want. It will be chaos!

  • #8998

    You are very right, John!

    There is no such global organization that regulates all brokers and hunts the Scam brokers. They pay enough money obviously, so they can continue scamming the people.

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    User AvatarIan Bibian

    A friend of mine was scammed with 5k last week. He told me after it happened. If I knew before that, I would have shown him this topic.

  • #9978

    Sorry to hear that, Ian. It happens to thousands of people daily.

    The Scam brokers won’t stop soon, so the only thing we can do is to share our experience with more people.

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    User AvatarMeryjonestexas

    Hey Petko,

    this topic is very useful, I am sure it helped to many people. Why don’t you list the names of these Scam brokers? It will be easier for everybody.

  • #9988

    Hello Mery,

    we can not list the names of the Scam brokers for a few reasons:

    • they are thousands
    • they change the names frequently
    • some of them become regulated with the time
    • we do not want to promote any broker because placing a name is still a promotion

    The topic is useful because you know how they work, so everyone who reads it, will know how to recognize the Scam brokers

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    User AvatarMeryjonestexas

    Hello Petko,

    I understand your point. I didn’t imagine that there are thousands of scam brokers around the world. I am sure they changed names because every illegal company does it. Very good point of your seat you place the steps how to recognize the scam brokers because in this way everyone who has experienced something like that will recognize it immediately.

  • #10106

    Hello Mery,

    Unfortunately, we cannot place all the steps available from all the brokers because they all operate differently and they always invent new methods to scam the people.

    This is why I have open this topic in our forum so everyone who had this bet experience with scam brokers can share in here and this will help a lot the new traders who are looking for their next trading broker or for their first trading broker.

    And I’m very happy that already many traders shared their bad experiences with these illegal companies and I hope this will help the community and the traders in this forum to share more of their stories.

    And yes they changed names all the time because in our days market when we have online forums, blogs, review websites, it is very hard for the scam brokers to keep operating because obviously many people complain and they cannot keep scamming the people with the same name.

    I really hope that the regulations will start as they should and they should not only monitor the brokers that pay the yearly subscription but always control the brokers that are dealing with the financial markets.

    Every experienced trader knows that the regulated brokers are paying a lot to these regulation companies just to have this regulator sign and the regulated number on their website which brings kind of trust in the broker.

    I hope that with the time there will be authorities who will monitor all Forex brokers and this way the scam brokers will be eliminated. Unfortunately, till then, many more will burn and many more people will lose their savings investing in something unrealistic.

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    User AvatarShamasa

    Hey Petko,

    I read in the news that more and more scam brokers were exposed! I hope they will catch them all…I do not know how, but I hope 🙂

  • #10359

    Hey Shamasa,

    you are right, we keep an eye on this too but…it will take a long time if it ever happens.


  • #10389
    User AvatarAndi

    I think the Israelian friends will never stop with the scam brokers…this is what they do.

  • #10423

    It is a fact that they started to hunt them, but it will be a long process.

  • #10470
    User AvatarHaliffa

    As I have already shared in this topic, I was scammed so bad that I couldn’t do anything. I tried to complain to many places but it was useless.

    So I really do not believe that these people will be caught. No way…I hope so, but no way…

    BUT I found Petko and Forex Academy, and all is great for me now…

  • #10495

    Glad to hear that, Haliffa! I am happy that my courses and the Academy are useful to the traders.

    Also, with this topic, we have helped many people from being scammed. It is a bad experience really.

  • #10555
    User AvatarVan

    I am sure the post helped to many. If everyone was like you Petko, no one was going to be scammed.

  • #10610
    User AvatarStephen

    unfortunately not everyone is like Petko. There are so many bad scam broker that are around. If I met Petko and Forex Academy initially I would not have lost os much money…

  • #10626
    User AvatarSharapova Sisi

    Guys, the Academy, the courses from Petko plus the strategy builders is the best experience in trading for me!

  • #10642
    User Avatarstevetheking33

    I think it is for everybody who has taken the education from Petko with desire!

    I have tried so different methods before, and the system of Petko are the only ones that bring me to profit monthly.

  • #10649
    User AvatarDesita

    Me too. I tested 100s of strategies for over 2 years before I figured that algorithmic trading is needed.

    with the methods of Petko I feel confident now after testing them quite long time.

  • #10670

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! Keep up the good work!

  • #10725
    User AvatarBart Meijrink

    Recently, I got calls from a scam broker. I am trading from so many years, and it happens the first time. I never gave my phone number, even to the broker where I trade live. I can not figure it out from where they took my phone?!

  • #10818

    Hey Bert,

    it could be from anywhere, they can take your details from many places even not connected to the Forex companies.

  • #10849
    User AvatarGeorge Steel

    Yes, I’m getting such calls all the time too. They find databases from anywhere you can imagine – mobile companies, different online websites that get phones, just anywhere.

  • #10860

    Many people change their phone numbers just to get rid of the calls. Unfortunately, even the new rules regarding the personal data did not bother those Scam brokers a lot.

  • #10942
    User AvatarDeniza

    I had hard times to get rid of these calls, had to shout a couple of times…..

  • #10990

    Just do not pay attention to those. The important is to stay away and to protect all friends fellows if you understand that some of them got scammed.

  • #11277
    User AvatarVan

    Do the Scam brokers work in all countries?

  • #11290

    Hello Van,

    I think that most do not work with the USA. Also, each broker has some territory, depending on where they get the contacts from.

  • #11533
    User AvatarHaliffa

    When I was scammed I had the call from London, then I found out that it was actually from somewhere in Eastern Europe. But I couldn’t do anything about it.

  • #11874
    User AvatarThapelo

    This is so sad! These companies should be shut down!

  • #12207

    Hello Thapelo,

    the more and more get shut down. The problem is they already have a lot of money and it is very easy for them to move to another country, open new offices, hire new people and continue the work.

  • #12594
    User AvatarBart Meijrink

    A funny thing happened to me the other day. I was at home and I got a call from “professional trader”. It was from a broker where I opened a Demo account looking for a better spread for the EAs…

    The guy said that if I put $200 to open a live account, I will make 85% profit with their secret robot. I asked him smiling what is the robot they use? He said that it is a “secret”.  And then I asked him What are the entry and the exit conditions for the Expert, and he had no idea what I was asking him. I had to repeat the same question three times before I hang up the phone. He called me 6 more times in the next 5 minutes and gave up…

    It was nice to see a professional trader calling someone to open a live account, having no idea about Experts. I do not know how people get on that.

  • #12617

    You had a good experience.

    You should expect more calls, the guy is professional. 🙂

  • #12701
    User Avatarcentcel

    I came across a binary options broker page in 2013 through an online ad I came across while reading a magazine. It said, “1000 USD will be earn in a week! Please click here!” I didn’t know that I would lose a lot of money because the site looked very serious and decent. Back then I had no idea at all about home being able to buy and sell stocks through binary options. At that time I lost a lot of money at 2 broker sites (OptionFair, CedarFinance) At OptionFair there was a guy called Rotschild and called me all the time to transfer as much money as possible despite losses as I can only learn more and more by trading.

    As time went by I realized that these people were trying to deduct all my savings. I have cancel the contact with a big anger in my belly and a loss of 20.000 USD . Incredible!!

    I wouldn’t never thing that’s such pirates are doing their unkind in public newspaper.


  • #12712
    User AvatarAndi

    Hi Centcel,

    Welcome to the Forum. I am so frustrated to read such a story. That sounds really like a nightmare!!!

    Good job you share your experience and I am sure this will be very useful to others. Unfortunately, most of the people that shared above found this topic in the forum after they have met the Scam brokers.

    I think central banks and regulators should take some action against these companies. Anyway, they will just keep doing it…


  • #12715
    User AvatarIan Bibian

    O man! 20k??? that is insane. I can’t believe it.

    How did they convince you to put more money if you were even losing?

  • #12735
    User Avatarcentcel

    To Ian Bibian

    Very simple

    1st, I found the ad in a German newspaper. The ad title sounded promising and it saw very seriously even more than I opened the page. It was simply incredible the page looked very professional.

    2nd, After I had contacted with the enterprise a responsible person would trust me to. He suggested to me to use a bonus system which was connected with conditions in which I if I should lose the amount may retain but then the whole amount must use before I can deduct it.
    These so-called scamers knew how to see customers win it and sounded all so professional that if you are an absolute beginner from online trading through binary options are actually delivered and especially if these assholes lure your victims with ads.

    Very sad but true!


  • #12736
    User Avatarcentcel

    Thank you Andy from your warm welcome!!

    I know people..I was so stupid and naive I didn’t notice this trap. Now. I trully hope  Petko’s teaching will help me to identify fraudsters better and to how to learn to trade succesfully.

    Since these Scammers always come unencumbered of it I hope in this forum the necessary knowledge and the counterweight to form against these criminals the actually now allegedly so much money have and thus the laws use around your activities float.

    There are so many gaps in the law therefore they always come of it.


  • #12742
    User AvatarRoman

    Welcome Centcel!

    I would look at ForexPeaceArmy.com to see if the broker you’re considering is blasted for scamming. I only use regulated brokers and do a lot of homework before I let a single penny leave my account to a broker. If the broker is registered by your region’s regulatory body it’s a good sign.

  • #12843

    Centcel, welcome to the Forum from me as well! We removed the links you placed because we want to make sure that people will not click on them and by mistake get involved with the scammers. I know how engaging they are and how good they are to cheat the people.

    I am very honest in my teaching and I never promise results. It depends a lot on the students. Already many succeed to profit with the systems I teach, but some effort and time are needed.

    However, try to forget as much as possible the bad experience you had. Trying to recover is much harder. Just say to yourself ” Alright, that was a bad lesson, now I start trading from zero and I will depend only on my knowledge and skills.”


  • #12844
    User AvatarIan Bibian

    @centcel I know these bonuses most of the time as pain in the as.! I have used one time and never again.

    I am sure the education of Petko will be very useful to you. I learned so much from him and my trading turned positive. Also, if you can afford the EA Studio or FSB Pro (both is best) after time, you will find that it is actually easy to generate EAs, test them and trade with them.

    This way we depend really on ourselves and the EAs we create. Of course, you need to be very smart with money management. Do not risk a lot before you are sure in your EAs.

  • #12848
    User AvatarDesita

    Such a sad story. But I can tell you that you found the right person as Petko. His courses are rally useful and most of them are based on EA Studio and FSB Pro which is unique. You can not find much videos about these programs.

    my trading is totally different since I got in here…I am sure you will find you proper way of trading if you put some effort and time into it.

  • #12920
    User Avatarcentcel

    Thx so much people…

    I’d become a good feeling as I saw at fist time Petko and truly I’ll take my time to educate myself als well as good as possible to recover back the lost money with the support of you guys.

  • #12941

    Hey Centcel,

    absolutely the right thing to do – educate yourself and depend only on your skills, not even mine.

    Kind regards,

  • #14571
    User AvatarDeniza

    Petko is absolutely right!

    Recently a friend of mine started working as a trader 🙂 He has not any experience and I was so surprised that they hired him. It turned out that he was put on the phone to call people and take their money. He quit on the second week. Imagine! His education was 2 days… and right after that, he realized that he was not supposed to learn trading or something like that but to call 100s of people daily. What a shame for these companies.

  • #14778

    Hi Deniza,

    Glad to hear that your friend quit. The best way is to stay away from these companies. Of course, there are people who enjoy working as “traders” for these companies 🙂

  • #15486
    User AvatarSharapova Sisi

    Hey Deniza,

    Good for you sharing your friend’s story. I am sure many people go to these companies with the hope they will learn to trade..

  • #15723

    Actually, these people make more money than the average trader does…I am not sure if they sleep calm and how they handle the conscience.

  • #16440
    User AvatarHaliffa

    Hello all,

    as some of you may know, before I came to the Academy and met Petko, I was scammed really bad.

    So here is website I found with blacklist companies, and I taught it would be useful:


    Petko, if you decide it is not proper to have it here I understand, but I believe it might be useful to many new traders to avoid really the scam brokers. With this topic you have protected many, I am sure about that.

    Also, I saw that on this website people can claim for chargebacks from the scam brokers. I hope it works…

  • #16677

    Hey Haliffa,

    I had a quick look. Let it stay. I hope it could be useful to somebody.

    I was planning to make something similar on our website, but I really do not want to spend time on that because the scam brokers are getting more and more, and I whatever we do we can not cover them all…

    Maybe we can make a page with tested brokers, even that would be accepted as a recommendation, it might save a lot of money to many people. Simple, protect them from the scammers.

  • #18580
    User AvatarAndi

    I had a funny call today 🙂

    Somehow they got my number and a girl(sounded like 14 years old) started to talk about the financial markets 🙂

    I asked her a question: ” Can you tell me when is the swap charges?”

    After 10 sec pause, she said that they do not have a swap hahaha

    After that, the manager switched(obviously he was listening to the call) and guess what, he said that their swap was 20%!!!! Unbelievable!

    It means that if you keep your trade opened for 5 days you will zero the account…

    Really try to stay away from these people…really!

  • #18642
    User AvatarSharapova Sisi

    Hehe Andi, good one here 🙂

    Poor people everyone catches on that.

  • #20298

    The problem is that people catch on that because they do not have enough information. They do not have what to compare and decide.

    Most people just jump into it. Again the feelings play a lot – they want to make quick money…

  • #21872
    User AvatarCone D

    Hello Petko!

    The huge problem with the Scam brokers is that they keep working even everyone knows about them. I have read so many articles but still, they go…why? No one to stop them or they just pay a lot to the higher levels…

    I think it would be very useful if you make a list with trustful Forex brokers and place on the website. I know you do not want to recommend brokers but it won’t be a recommendation. Just help for the beginners, what do you think?

  • #21973

    Hello Code D,

    Glad to hear from you. Yes, many students ask us daily and send us mails to ask for trustful Forex brokers. So far I have been avoiding that but I think really do add it in the near future. It is in our plan and still considering how exactly to do it and which brokers to place.

    Why I avoided so far to place trustful Forex brokers?

    • if I find out that some brokers are good for me it does not necessury mean they will be good for the others
    • if one broker is trustful till now it can change at any future moment
    • the different brokers have regulations in the different regions

    anyway, I do believe it will be more useful to very beginners because we will help them with the choice and definitely keep them away from the scam brokers.

    It is in our plan so probably it will be on the website till the end of the year.

  • #22923
    User AvatarHaliffa

    Petko. I think having such a page with trustful brokers will be very very useful for us and as you said for the beginner traders.

    I shared in this topic how bad I was scammed and I am sure that such a page will help many, and you will protect them.

    Of course, it does not mean that people should open an account with the brokers you list, it is their choice. But at least, they will have an idea about some regulated names.

  • #24161
    User AvatarStephen

    Hi Haliffa,

    When it comes to trustful Forex brokers, what names would you as a trader recommend?

  • #24744
    User Avatarforexmaniac

    Hi Petko. I’ve gone through this thread and as a beginner trader I must thank you for providing such a platform that provides so many insights to we the beginner traders. I’ve learned just so much from everyone’s experience.

  • #24904

    Glad to hear that, Forexmaniac. That is the idea of the Forum – people to exchange experience and imrpove all together.

  • #30761
    User AvatarThapelo

    Hello all,

    do you think if one broker is regulated, it can become a Scammer?

    I use a regulated broker, but I feel that they are manipulating my positions…

    Any idea of how I can be sure of their regulation?

  • #32947
    User AvatarMeryjonestexas

    Hey Thapelo,

    yes, I would suggest you always to be with your eyes opened about the broker.

    What you can do is to run on another regulated broker the same EAs in a Demo account and compare the trades.

    This way a very small difference is possible but if you see a huge one, that would not be normal. And keep in mind that the second broker will not pay attention to your trading because it will be just on Demo.

  • #36770
    User AvatarAndi

    That is a piece of smart advice!

    I still think that there should be a Page on Forex Academy where Petko can place 2-3 reliable brokers. This will make it much easier for the beginner traders, and it will protect many from the scammers.

  • #36966

    Hey Andi, we are working on that as well 🙂 It will be ready until the end of this month.

  • #37855
    User AvatarTina

    Hello Petko,

    I’m waiting for this post for trustful Forex brokers because nowadays there are so many scam brokers and this post will be really useful for us.

    I know that you do not want to recommend any of the brokers (you say it in every your course), but it will be really great to share your opinion with us.

    Have a great day! Cheers!

  • #38621
    User AvatarGeorge Lane

    Wow, I have never heard about these Scam Brokers, and this topic will be handy for me. I will be so cautious with them! I will wait for the new theme from Petko Aleksandrov about trustful brokers too! It is great to have someone on our side when we are learning how to trade precisely!

    Thanks, Petko!

  • #40964

    Hey George,

    we are just preparing the Trusted brokers page on our website. I believe it will be useful as well.


  • #42296

    Hello traders!

    Finally, we have added the Brokers page on our website. It is called Trusted Forex Brokers by Forex Academy students.

    My team did the hard work to review all e-mails, forum questions and reviews we got from our traders about brokers and we came up with a list of 3 brokers(for the moment) that are most reliable and many of you have tested.

    I hope the page will be useful to everyone, especially if you are new to trading and if you have a hard time selecting a broker.

    Again, do not take those brokers as a recommendation, the choice is yours, there are thousands of Forex brokers, we just wanted to make it a bit easier for the beginners and most importantly to keep you away from the Scam brokers.


  • #44404
    User Avatarzachargromov

    It is clear now, our days when everyone got so smart with the trading experience. So many talks and information about scam brokers, so almost ALL of them seem to be a fraud. But back to 2015,  I remember this uplift moods with CFD and binary trading companies. I felt that here it is..easy money. Just learn a bit how to trade or even better..The brokerage company would admit to you a personal manager, who would trade on your behalf. And there is a simple logic behind that idea too. “we profit when you profit..” Agree with me, it wasn’t easy to resist those brilliant opportunities!

    This is how I lost over 150k just in four months. And the company, who scammed me was quite reliable and even regulated. They called “Opteck” and they convinced me that if I invest over 50k at least, they would provide me a personal broker to trade for me. And in the beginning, it was very successful, I ‘ve seen profits. Later on, they asked me to add more in order to “enforce” the account. And I did. After was a different excuse and so on…

    At the moment I wanted to withdraw, they kindly reminded me about bonuses, added to my account (without my consent!), which had to be worked out by adding trading volume. Yeah, I know, I’m stupid that continued adding more funds in order to get back my own…

    Making a long story short, I say that multiple efforts to get my money back didn’t bring me any luck. My bank refused to “chargeback” since I had my trading account verified, many “recovery experts” sucked out more money with no result and I had my self on the edge…

    In the end, I found a good, reliable company, whos lawyers managed to get me almost full amount, that I’ve invested in Opteck. The company called

    Scamconsulting SCC and my lawyer Mr. Rosenberg deserving huge gratitude and admittance of excellent job done.  But in the end, I want to warn everyone here, there are no easy money, there are only people, greedy people, who want that money from you!


  • #44405

    Hey Zachargromov.

    I really appreciate that you shared your story. I believe it will help many people, and unfortunately, we can not do more than sharing these bad practices so more and more people get aware of them.

    Anyway, I am very happy to hear that you got almost all of your money back. That does not happen quite often, but you did not give up, which the key point!

    Glad to have you in the forum!

    Petko A

  • #47699
    User Avatarjankrafka

    My broker is telling me to just open positions without Stop/loss and just leave them there until they make a positive profit. And that if I close a negative position the company/broker will also loose…. is this for real? or is this just a scam strategy so that I never should be able to withdraw all my money? (since I need to have all my positions closed in order to do that).

  • #47709

    Hey Jankrafka,

    Yes, this dosn’t sound right. I never heard of that.

    First, a legit broker should not give advice.

    Second, they should not place such conditions.

    And third, you should be free to open any type of positions – with SL and TP, without, mixed, anything that you like. And most importantly you should be able to withdraw at any moment you decide.

    Please, have a look at the trusted Forex brokers we have on the website and get rid of the scammers.


  • #47753
    User Avatarjankrafka

    thanks for the reply Aleksandrov… may I consult further about the advise they are giving me? they tell me to open positions without stop/loss – take/profit orders (to not over complicate things), stating that if a position goes negative… that really should not matter because a loss is not really  considered a loss until you close the negative position… and that I could just leave those negatives there for weeks/months until they become positives (this mainly for forex). What I am starting to see is that some negatives are becoming huge negatives, and not sure how ‘healthy’ it is to just leave positions opened hoping that some day they will turn positive.  Even if I have enough margin, my current balance just doesn’t feel ‘real’ and also that I may get stuck with negative positions for a long time. Would you recommend this strategy… or do think they have something up their sleeves aiming only for their own profit? thank you.




  • #47756

    Hey Jankrafka,

    Yes, this is how the Scam brokers work. When you run out of Margin(and it will happen one day if you leave all the negative trades) they will ask you to deposit more money, and you will have no other choice. The final result? You lose, they profit.

    What is the name of this broker? And did you try to withdraw money from there?

  • #47810
    User AvatarDesi Ivanova

    Hello traders,

    you can see our reviews for the brokers in our Blog:


    FX Choice

    JFD Bank


  • #47811
    User Avatarjankrafka

    hi, Aleksandrov… thank you for your reply. The name of the broker is GSI markets. In the past they asked me to deposit certain amount of extra money in order to make a trade with a lot of Crude Oil. I did, and that was profitable adding like $300 to my balance. Then I tried to withdraw that same amount of money that I initially invested for the trade, but they said that I could not do that because they would loose money if I did that. In the end I was able to withdraw, but only like one fifth of the initial investment. I should be able to withdraw same amounts each month… I would like to withdraw all but I know they would not allow that. Other condition was that I needed to increase my balance closing positives, otherwise they would loose… I also dont see how they would loose, this is not how they make profits as far as I know, thank you.

  • #47829

    Hello Jankrafka,

    Yes, this is a scam method. What you describe is exactly how they work.

    There are some companies that deal with scam brokers, but at the same time, there is scam among them as well.

    So the best thing you can do is to withdraw the maximum you can and never answer the phone as well.

    Just open a Demo account with any reliable brokers. You can use the ones that Desi listed above from our brokers’ page.

    You will never receive a call from them, you can always withdraw your money without questions asked.

    And just start learning from scratch. But make sure to forget it all…

  • #47841
    User Avatarmichal

    Hi Guys, i am new here, but I will go strait w/o any introduction, because at the moment ,after I red this topic to the end, I think there is a situation with my (scam) Broker -trading account  – the name I may share after I escape from then and get my money back –  so, I need to act immediately and try to save my money as much as possible.

    So, every think   I red here, used to happen to me too.  Here a short history:

    1. I registered  and got a trading account, I payed the minimum 259EUR=ca.270USD  by credit card (otherwise there was no support , nor trading permit) , my personal manager (Senior Trading Manager) called me, gave me his Email for further communication and questions asking and we started trading. I rejected the Bonus (100%) in order to avoid the 3 Months restriction for withdrawals  . I also send them the required documents to get certificated/approved for any withdrawals. So far, so good.

    2. He tolled me not to touch anything , he will take care for me the first 3 months to show/demonstrate me how easy is to trade with their algorithmic software and make profit without doing anything.

    3. The money was transferred (by them) to a new account (algo trading – Meta Trader 4)  and I sow trades started by some one (Robot  or my Manager -not clear ) and showing some floating Profits and Floating Losses which have  moved with the  Forex market curses. On the History Tab I also sow some profits (no losses), like 5, 6, 10 USD  etc.

    4. What surprised me that on no one trade there ware no S/L entries (stop loss), just T/P (take Profit). I asked my manager why, and the answer was ” we don’t need S/L, because  they would produce real losses which we don’t like – only profits. (first signal for “something wrong “).

    5. With the time, the floating losses became  so big (-$12–$15) and they were so many, that my equity became close to zero . So, I ask again my manager what is going on, yet my money is  away, but he tolled me not to wary because their “magic” software is going to delete such losing trades and  my money is safe. In deed, one day ( and every time when necessary) the  (big) negative trades were cleared – they just disappeared- but there was no booking /notes of them in the “History” . How was this possible and who payed those losses? This was the second  signal for “something wrong “.

    6. With the time the trades became so many and the negative (floating) losses also, which ended in the fact that, although there was a real profit of ca. 100 USD on my “history”,   my equity is always very low ( much less as my investment) ,  so now I understand that I will maybe never able , even if they allow me, to withdraw my money , because, I guess, before I initiate some withdrawal, I need to close all my orders and the result will be very low (because of the pending floating losses to the sat pending trades).

    7. Last Friday , after the market closed, I saw on the open trade list there is a (small) floating Profit of $5, balance and equity about $ 370  so , I believe, if I close immediately all the trades, I would be able to escape with a good amount, may be with profit too, provided that they will not create some additional restrictions to stop me.

    So, please, help me what to do:

    a) can I act right now ( Sunday afternoon , when the markets are closed), bu may be my broker would accept to close the trades and to initiate my withdrawal request, or it should be smarter to wait until  Monday Morning ? The risk:When I wait, they may initiate tomorrow 01:00 another (new) trades with losses and my equity will go down again.

    b) after I close those open trades and request withdrawal , shall I send them Emails to ask to transfer my money urgently, because I have financial problems (Covid 19 etc.)?

    c) what, if they blocked my  algo- account, not allowing me to close the open trades? Is there some hope to save the money in this case?

    Thank you for you help in advance


  • #47923

    Hey Michal.

    I am sorry to hear from another person who was scammed.

    I think you hit on very bad scammers. If the negative trades are just disappearing that means only one thing – there is no trading at all, you don’t have an actual trading account and trades opening. Those companies are just simulating some platform that has nothing to do with the real market.

    Give it a try to ask for a withdrawal, but I don’t think they will do that. But of course, you have to try.

    And the most important thing: WHATEVER THEY SAY, DON’T DEPOSIT MORE.

  • #47964
    User Avatarmichal

    Thanks Petko, I will try  to withdraw, of course. But early Today they started another 6-8 trades, which show minuses (totally floating Loss by now ca. $90). This is not big deal – usually all new deals start with small minuses (correct??)- , but at the moment the figures are all minuses ( free  margin:- $10 -s. screen here attached), so I think even if they proceed with the withdraw request normally, there will be nothing to take out. Unless I close all the trades (if they allow me) and consume the current floating Loss.  But this may give them a red light and they may block my withdraw. Maybe I need to wait some time and hope to see better figures those days (as  it was last Friday). I will report the result. So, thank you again : See U soon. Michal

  • #47971

    Hi Michal,

    Actually it is totally ridiculous that the broker opens and closes your positions…there is no such a thing in actual trading…

    The brokers are there for us to give us the opportunity to trade. And we manage the trades – opening and closing.

    So, just find a way to get rid of them.


  • #49591
    User AvatarVan

    Hey Michal,

    Ruuuun away, mate!

    Why are you causing this to your self. Check out the trusted brokers that the Academy launched recently.

    I hate the scammers….

  • #51143
    User AvatarBart Meijrink

    I can’t believe what I read… how come the people do not recognize the Scam Brokers??

    Looks like they do Wolf on the Wallstreet nowadays but in a modern way – forex and robots.


  • #53501
    User AvatarAndi

    Yes, that is right, Bert!

    They do it much more successfully compared to what the Wolf did.

    I have a friend working is such a  company and he is so proud of cheating the people…their salaries reach up to 50 000EUR a month.

    They Scam over 300-400 people a day and their monthly revenue is in millions.

  • #55620
    User Avatarmichal

    Hi , time to report again

    As stated here above, I felt in the trap of one Scammer. Invested 250EUR= ca. 270USD

    They transferred the money (without asking me) to a new account  called “algo trade”.

    After I recognized that they are a scammer (s. here above) and following the advises from Petko and this forum, I started/tried  many steps , like this:

    1. I ordered a withdrawal of my investment (ca. 300 ) back to my credit card, but they did not fulfilled it: On my account /transaction history they put “pending” and after 1-2 weeks “Canceled”.

    2. Then I started writing them  to all known Email Addresses, like “Customer service”, “Compliance”, Personal advisers etc.: They confirmed that my documents are OK and my identity is proved, “Claims ” etc.  . I tolled them that now -corona time- I have financial problems  and I need badly my money back, and I will be back, etc.. NO REACTION. Just computer answers, like “We received you mail and our customer support/personal manager will come back to you soon. Once they answered “As you are using a third party software, there is nothing which we can do” What does this mean?

    3. Mean wile many mans called my offering me new deals and more to invest, but once I tolled them that I am waiting for my money back, they just closed the line.

    4. Finally one guy tolled me that according to the special “automatic trading contract ” (which I ‘ve never signed), I need to send them cancellation notice and after 90 days they will close this account and send back the money.

    5. What to do? I sent them the “90 days cancellation Note”. Since that time my tragedy has started. The Equity began  to follow down quickly. Today the Balance is 600 ( so they made  a reasonable profit in the last 3-4 months),  how ever there are many open trades with no S/L entries, with big floating Losses, like 25 to40 $, witch leads to a current floating loss of ca. -700 $ and the Equity shows -250.  So,  if the do with the same tempo, nothing will remain after 90 days the equity  may reach unlimited amounts.

    6. I tried to  close some open positions/Orders : <Select/right click/market execution>  but nothing happened. Just Messages like “Your order is being proceeded” + “Time OUT”. So, it looks like I have no power to operate on this “Algo Trade”- Account. I am using the WEB platform, shall I try with the PC _APP which they offer to download too?

    So, Can some body help me with some advises? Please?

    A) How to understand the negative Equity? Do I own them this money? I have no credit line with them, but in the same time, I don,t know what is written in this “auto trade contract”, if there is such one al all.

    B) Is it usual that one normal broker let you trade down to negative equity and that he requests the negative  amount. Yet they got my IDs and know my address.

    C) Shall I block my credit card- the only payment instrument they know?

    D) What else to do to protect and save  myself?

    E) Is there  a official authority where to claim and ask for help?

    Please, help me to escape.

    Thank you

    Stay healthy


  • #55623
    User Avatarjankrafka

    can you share the name of the broker so we stay away from them?

  • #55624
    User Avatarjankrafka

    one thing I do to protect myself is that I do not use a conventional credit card but an “on-line” credit card that can only be used for internet payments and only the money that has been deposited-before hand can be withdrawn (just like a Debit card). You should ask your bank if they offer such type of credit cards…

  • #55862
    User Avatarmichal

    [jankrafka] “can you share the name of the broker so we stay away from them?”

    Thanks [Jakrafka]: I can share their name, but only after I get escaped from them. Other wise they may block my account and any payments because of contract violation.


    May be I should block my credit card which would make any withdrawal returns impossible, because the CC is the only way for payments .

    Still I am not sure. Does some one know how the could collect the negative equity/balance from me?

    This the main question where I need help the fact thay my initial investment will be also gone. So sad….

  • #55944

    Hey Michal,

    I am sorry to hear that you are still in trouble. As I wrote to you the first time, you have hit a bad scammer.

    If you can not close the trades, it means that you don’t have any control over the account.

    I think the trades that you see in the account are not real at all. This means that the profits you saw were not real as well. This is something on their platform. They have some algorithms to show the clients’ profits, and then when they decide losses. This way, they have a reason to start calling you and ask you for more money.

    If I were you, I would block the card that I used for funding the account. They have your credit card details, and they can withdraw at any moment from there. You lost enough, so don’t let them get more! Sadly to say, your initial deposit was gone at the moment you funded the account.

    I would suggest you not to look for any authorities because there are the other scammers. You can not recognize which are the legit ones. They might scam you from there as well.

    What would I do?

    1. Block the credit card that was used.

    2. Don’t open their website/platform ever again (this will make you forget about it)

    3. Start practicing with a Demo account with any of the trusted brokers on our websites, and take some courses to learn how to do it by yourself

    4. Don’t ever depend on someone else to manage your money

    I know 250 is not a small amount, and it hurts. But I can tell you that people lose millions daily because of the scam brokers. Just in Bulgaria, there are over 300 such brokers, and so many people know about it, but no one does anything. They pay to the right people, and they keep scamming…

    So…just say to yourself. ” I lost the minimum” “This was an experience that will be a good lesson for me” ” I am healthy, and this is the most important.”

    Cheers, Petko

  • #56000
    User Avatarmichal

    Hi Petko,

    Thanks for your prompt answer and the valuable advises.

    Yes, I blocked my credit card and I am ready to forget about this loss (250EUR).

    How ever there are still two issues which bother me:

    1. The equity is going down to large negative figures, more larger then then 250. What if it comes to thousands?  Can they request those bigger losses from  me ?(yet they know my physical address). Can they send to me some collectors? What is the usual experience?

    2.  How to stop all this trades and limit them not to grow? I installed the PC platform MQL4 and there are a lot of tools to manipulate/control the trades. So, can you give me some simple tips how to stop those trades , all together , (better) one by one? What happens in I switch off the “Algo trading ” button (make it red). Does it stop the open positions?

    I hope this is not too much to bother you and to waste your time.

    Stay healthy!

    Thank you!


  • #56056

    Hey Michal,

    Glad to hear from you again.

    I don’t think they can collect this money from you. Don’t worry about this. Just don’t answer the phone ever again. I would suggest you change the number as well.

    I don’t think you can do a lot from the MetaTrader because even if you close the trades, they will open new ones. Anyway, on the right side where you see the losses, there is the x box. Try closing from there.

    As I said, ignore all and continue your life. Forget about it.


  • #57052
    User AvatarBart Meijrink

    Hello Michael,

    they can’t take from you more than what you have deposited!

    Be sure about that!

    I would do just what Petok suggests: Forget about it!

    There are people losing millions with the scam brokers and you lost $250. Feel like a winner 🙂

  • #57779
    User Avatarmichal

    Hi, I just posted a big post,  with two attached pictures, but I can’t find it here? Is there some admin approval/filter?

    I will repeat it, so please delete the one if some dublication



  • #57782
    User Avataraaronpriest

    I have not been able to post with attached photos, they get flagged for moderation, but the moderators can’t find the post afterward to approve it. So I’ve had to skip attaching photos if I want the posts to appear.

  • #57783
    User Avatarmichal

    Thank you aaronpriest,

    in dead, I posted twice, but they did not come through.

    Here is my post w/o pictures:

    Hi , everybody,

    Finally, my adventure is coming to the end, may be not entirety, but I am getting more confident to escape with the initial investment loss only (s. here below)

    See here more reviews about this scammer <https://www.fxtradingrevolution.com/markets-online-review.html#&gt;.

    As of yesterday (may be since Aug 15th, because my FXBlue copier has not been refreshed since Aug 15th) their WEB site<www.markets.online.de> and all their Email addresses are closed:

    My WEB platform with two accounts is also closed.

    But their tel. Number in Sofia (+35924372490) still answers with “Markets . online” (yesterday – a Guy with clear German accent (Muttersprache)

    So,  my 250 EUR are done.

    Frankly speaking I did not expect this so soon and I was afraid to loose more money then just 250EUR.

    Here is why.

    After I tolled them that I am going to leave, whic means: no more investments , just withdrawal what there is at my FX Algo trade account, they tolled me that it will take 90 days to stop the robot (Algo trading-third party software, which they can not control).

    Since that time, my equity and floating profit/loss started going very quick to (big)  minuses (s. screen here below).

    There were still small profits coming out of the T/P parameters,  but , because there was no S/L values, the floating loss became bigger and bigger: as of today ( 135 days after I started and 50 days after they made me to send them 90 days cancellation note) Profit (closed trade = $650, which is 240% for 4,5 months???,  however Floating Loss = -$ 1550, consequently the Equity = -$900.

    As I sat here earlier, at the beginning they deleted the trade with bigger losses (no S/L) , instate to book them to the trade history, so the account showed the profits only, but after my cancellation they let the negative trades stay (no S/L), so if some body decide to close this account today, there will be a remarkable negative balance.

    And this is my concern: I blocked my credit card, but they know my physical address. So, are they capable and allowed to request this negative balance from me and (in worst case) to send me some “Russians”-collectors?

    Please, Petko and every one, be honest and tell me every think (worse and good) what you know about such cases

    Just for information, I wasn’t very passive in the mean time : I entered the account via a MQL 4-PC platform; I deleted all  the Expert advisers; I downloaded scripts “close (all) open orders” and used them;  I went to all the trades and tried to close them via menu, right click etc.; I tried to change every Order and activate S/L (stop loss); I deactivated “Auto trading “=red.

    Nothing happened. No change. Every day new trades are opened and the negative trades stay there (no S/L).

    So, their WEB-server-FX-Broker “markets.online” is closed but my account is not and it  is still producing negative results.

    How will this and?  Can some body make me responsible for the negative balance of this fake broker account, which definitely was/is out of my control?

    Thank you!

    Stay healthy



  • #57788

    Hey Michal,

    I have already replayed to you about what you need to do. Very clearly.

    You have to forget about this, and don’t spend a minute more on it.

    Don’t waste time trying to close trades or manage the account. You don’t have a trading account. It is not real. This is a scam broker. You never had profits, never had losses. Your money was not on the market at all. They took your 250 and gave you access to some account which is not real…

    So forget about it and continue your life. Be happy you lost so small amount, as Bert said, they scam the people with so much more.

    And no, they can not do anything more to you. They will not send you anybody, they will not request this money from you. Their job is to scam the people over the phone.

    Forget about it!

  • #57792
    User Avatarmichal

    Hi, Can some body help me how to delete this fake account (s. my post of today here above)

    Thank you!


  • #57793
    User Avatarmichal

    Ok, Petko, I see (forget about my last post 23:59)

    I will close this story and don’t come back any more.

    Thank you and good night


  • #57814

    I accept that as a promise! 🙂

    Cheers, mate!

  • #59373
    User AvatarSimon Chong

    Hi Petko,

    I try to read through this forum and it benefits me to stay away from the scam brokers. However, how do we identify trusted brokers turn to scam brokers?

    How do we know they purposely delay our trade or change our SL and etc?



  • #59602
    User AvatarHaliffa

    Hey Simon,

    I think that the regulated brokers make enough money from the spread and they can not afford to lose their reputation by manipulating the trades.

    However, I trade my live account together with a second live account with 0.01 with another broker just to make sure that I see the same trades…


  • #110389

    That is a hard one, Simon.

    You need always to have 2-3 accounts with a few brokers so you can compare them.

    This way you can see easier if one of them is cheating you.

  • #157792

    Still a lot of scams around. Many of our traders and subscribers share that Brokers scammed them.

    So we will review different brokers to ensure everyone in this Forum stays away from scam brokers.

    The first review is for BlackBull:

  • #163951

    Quick review for the XM Broker:

  • #163952

    Trading212 Review:


  • #163957

    And a quick review of Pepperstone broker:

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