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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      I’m interested in both EA Studio and FSB Pro but I still can’t find the reasons that I need both although I understand the differences between both programs. Few questions that might help me to find out the answers.

      1. Can I import EA from EA Studio to FSB Pro? Meanwhile, change the setting in bulk? Eg, change from Lot to percentage.

      2. Can both run in my VPS? The OS is window server 2008

      3. How do you use both programs to maximize profits?


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      Hey Simon,

      Glad to hear that you want to learn more and improve.

      1. Not yet, but we are waiting for this update(can not really say when this will happen).

      However, when you generate EA with EA Studio, you can build the same strategy in FSB Pro, and use some of the options there.

      2. Yeah, the EAs that comes from EA Studio and FSB Pro is suitable for MetaTrader. And MetaTrader can run without issues on different VPSes.

      3. This is a good question. Usually, with EA Studio I aim to create strategies that are more suitable for the sideways market. Buy when the price is cheap, and sell when the price is expensive. White with FSB Pro, I create trend-following strategies. I use the higher time frame filters option.

      For example, trading on M1 or M5 and using confirmation on M30 and H1.


      But EA STUDIO is faster because it works only with Meta trader Indicators and the other good tool is the Reactor that creates for you EAs, tests them, optimizes them fully automatically so you can have a ready portfolio of strategies/EAs. The tool Validator from EA Studio is also fantastic because you can recalculate old strategies, whole portfolios, and collections.

      Personally for me, FSB Pro is more professional and you have 100s of custom indicators. But it is harder to be explained, and this is why in the courses, I show more EA Studio. But sometimes I get better and simpler EAs with EA Studio…

      They just create a different type of EAs and when you combine, the best results are coming.



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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      Thanks for the comprehensive explanation. The No.2 question actually mean can FBS Pro software install in my VPS (OS is window server 2008)?

      I found out that there is no search bar for me to find a related topic in this forum. Can you create one?



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      Hey Simon,

      Adding a search bar in the Forum is in our to-do list.

      Yes, there should be no problem installing FBS Pro on the VPS. I have done it.


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