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      User AvatarGeorge Pit

      Hello Petko,

      First of all, I want to tell you how excited I am about the courses I’m taking in your program. It’s a joy to have this supportive information to enter live trading with the necessary tools for success. I want to congratulate you on the information you make available and accessible to us.

      I wanted to inform you that I have a trial account in Expert Advisor Studio. Could you help me report an anomaly or issue in the platform? The historical data from FxView that they provide seems to be corrupted. In any time period, it appears to be incorrect. For example, in M15, it shows “From 2020-04-17 22:45 to 2024-04-21 03:30,” when today is only April 17.

      I have already sent several emails to the Expert Advisor Studio contact, but they don’t seem to be addressed. The broker I am using for my trades is FxView, and unfortunately, it seems to be the only one with this problem.

      Without further ado, I hope to have your support, and I wish you great success. Thank you for everything.

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      User AvatarMiroslav Popov

      Hello George,

      Thank you for the report!

      After rebooting the FXView Terminal and re-uploading the data, the problem magically disappeared!?

      Please reload EA Studio with Ctrl-F5 to have the updated data.

      If you still see the previous data, you should clear browser caches. (Or to try again in an hour because this is the default cache period).



Viewing 1 reply thread
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