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      Is there a reason that an EA made in FSB Pro wouldn’t work in the strategy tester?

      The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed the strategy tester on MT4/5 is not working or performing poorly. I spent the last week carefully selecting the strategies I wanted and was planning to test them on the MT4/5 strategy testers before applying them to a chart to forward test them.

      MT5 is taking hours to perform a single test and the results are not even close.

      MT4 has taken my profitable strategies and has given me a result below zero or the EA doesn’t work at all.

      I didn’t expect the results to be the same but I thought they would at least be close. This last week has been a complete waste of time and from what I’m seeing FSB Pro doesn’t provide any benefit.

      When first using FSB Pro you feel like you finally found something that works but then reality sets in when you actually test it. The numbers were good and carefully selected. Everything looked great in the FSB Pro generator but that all changes once you export them.

      Same historical time, same inputs.

      I truly hope I can solve this issue.

      Has anyone experienced this problem before?


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      Hey mate,

      I get your point!

      I will try to explain why this happens:

      1. FSB Pro open the trades during the bar, and it works on the closing of the bar. That is why you need to use Control Points as modeling.

      2. FSB Pro uses higher time frame filters and it includes Indicators that are not available on MetaTrader at all. That is why backtesting on MetaTrader becomes a problem.

      Simply MetaTrader cannot catch up with all of the features.

      3. FSB Pro has different backtesting models that are not available on MetaTrader as well.


      Unfortunately, MetaTrader was not updated for over 20 years. MetaQuotes (the company behind it) has been selling the platform to brokers, and they make money from the big guys. And they don’t think about the retail traders (us) at all.

      I hope that makes sense!

      So I am using FSB Pro daily, and I do not even test the EAs on MetaTrader, because the MT tester sucks (sorry for the word).

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