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      Hello Petko,

      I was super surprised to see you started a Patreon page. I joined immediately, and I regret I did not do it earlier 🙂

      It was so interesting to see all the coins you have bought and keep at the moment, the prices at which you entered, the percentage as profit…the spreadsheet is super useful!

      However, I feel more comfortable writing here instead of on Patreon, so let me ask you 2 questions:

      1. When you give us the signals to buy, do you do it immediately after your purchase? Will I be able to get the same price as you had?

      2. On the spreadsheet, do we see all the investments you did or only the current ones? I mean, can we see the History of your investments?

      I just wonder what happens when you sell the asset? Do you track it somewhere?

      Thanks for creating this service. It will be a pleasure to follow you and support your work.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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