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      Hello Petko Aleksandrov,

      Hello everyone,

      I’ve used the expert advisor studio for 2 weeks.

      Impressive thing I give you that. The only thing is that  I could not choose any parameter for short (entries and exits.)

      The best I did, in theory, is actually pretty good (I think): with a profit factor of 2.34

      But he acts crazy on mt4 and different on mt5, And the results are quite different.

      On the eatradingacademy.com the behaviour of the ea was quite predictable whilst on different MT demo accounts it wasn’t.

      Just wish I had more time. Since the price to unlock it is quite expensive. (not saying isn’t worth it, maybe it is) I can’t really at this moment to continue to test and create new EA’s.

      Thank you Petko Aleksandrov. (I’ve subscribed to your youtube channel. And I’ve also been testing your recommendations there.)

      All the best everyone!


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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      There is still a lot you can do with EA Studio after the Trial period is over. Some of the things you cannot do is to import historical data from your broker so you have to use the premium data. Also, you cannot export EAs or create portfolios. You can however, import some of Petkos EAs and analyze them and you can practice creating strategies. So, as I said, there is a lot of things you can continue to do with EA Studio to continue to evaluate it! So, don’t quite. As you continue to gain experience with EA Studio you will begin to see how valuable of a tool it is. As for not having good experience using Petkos EAs with your own broker, there could be many reasons why you are experiencing this issue. Keep communicating on the Forum to get your issues resolved!

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