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      Hey traders,

      We have some great news about EA Studio: Real Spread has been added while backtesting the EAs
      – EA Studio can now backtest strategies using an actual spread. With the latest Data Export scripts, you now have broker data with a real spread from your MT5.
      – The integrated “Premium Data” feed contains the real spread information. The symbols also have accurate Swaps and a preset commission of 3 USD per lot per side.
      – The integrated “MetaTrader-Demo” data feed takes data from a BlackBull Markets MT5 live account. It also contains the broker’s real spread, swaps and commissions.

      – You can see the spread at any given time by moving the cursor over the Indicator chart.

      – The preset fixed spread serves as a minimal spread. This means, that if the real spread is higher than the fixed one, the real spread is used. The fixed spread is used if the real spread is lower than the fixed one or if there is no spread information.

      – MT4 doesn’t export spread information. A fixed spread is used when exporting data from an MT4 terminal.

      Also, remember that MT4 backtests the EAs with Fixed Spread while MT5 uses Real Spread during the backtest.

      So the ultimate solution is to backtest EA Studio Strategies on MT5. If you have a Demo/Live account with BlackBull you can use MetaTrader-Demo data in EA Studio, and everything will work fluently. You don’t need to export data. It will be in EA Studio by default and updated!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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