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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hi Petko / Desi

      I have just completed the Top 10 USDJPY Expert Advisors: Algorithmic Day Trading course.  This was, sort of, my first introduction to FSB Pro for generating and optimising strategies using this software.

      I have completed most of your other Algo courses, and have been using EA Studio to create many strategies for a few months now. For most I run the optimizing and robustness tools.

      My question is: if EA Studio already has optimizing and robustness tools built in, is it necessary to use FSB Pro too?

      When you create EAs in EA Studio, do you, after creating them, import them to FSB Pro, and perform additional optimizing and robustness? I have found that when using EA Studio, if my acceptance criteria and robustness settings are too strict, I get only a few strategies. Would you advise less strict acceptance criteria in EA Studio to generate more strategies, and then afterwards optimize them in FSB Pro?


      Thanks as always,



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      Hey Ilan,

      Good question!

      FSB Pro is the more advanced and complicated software for the traders.

      It has some more features that EA Studio doesn’t have (but the Reactor is with EA Studio, which is the treasure there).

      FSB Pro has higher time frames, which I like the most. As you saw in the USDJPY course, the strategies trade on M5, for example, but I filter them on M30 and H1. This way, we can trade the smaller time frames but to filter on the higher. Or the opposite thing.

      It has logical groups. It has the bridge to trade on MetaTrader(that was created long ago before having the EAs).

      And something important to know. EA Studio opens the trades on the opening of the bar. While FSB Pro can open IN the bar, that matters a lot for some strategies.

      It is good to have struck acceptance criteria and have fewer strategies. I prefer having one good EA instead of 50 that might not perform as I want.

      What you can do is to loosen the acceptance criteria and just filter the EAs after that from the Collection by adding additional filters.


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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Thanks Petko!


      I’m looking forward to the FSB course

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