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    I use EA Studio to generate EA’s for Crypto.


    However I’m not sure how to get all the symbol settings correct.


    For example, say I am using a crypto that has a price of $.55555.

    In custom symbol settings I set the digits to five and that uses the correct prices.

    But I’m not sure what number the spread should be set at.

    The actual spread I’m trading at is $.00005

    When I import the data its setting it at 10 in the symbol settings. Is this correct? I could use an in depth explanation of how it calculates it and what happens when you change digits.


    Also how can I properly enter the commission? Is value you enter for entry and close, or just one side of the trade?

    Say my commission for entry and close, both sides of the trade combined  = .1%. So actual commission per 1 lot with a price of $.55555 is $.0005

    How do I enter that into the symbol settings under commission?

    Also I usually raise the lots in the symbol settings so it will be trading 100 lots. That makes it easier to see the balance in the charts.

    But sometimes if I put in 100 for lots it actually trades 1000. If i set it to 10 lots it trades 100. Why is that?

    Also, by changing lots does that affect the way I need to enter commission? Is commission based on just 1 lot or the number I have entered under lots?

    Thanks for your help to clarify all this.


    Hey Jammerly,

    Yes, you should make the symbol settings exactly the same way you see it with your broker.

    The commission depends on the brokers. Some charge one time, others twice.

    Can you upload some screenshots about the lots. Where do you see the change, in MetaTrader or in the EA Studio backtest?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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