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      Good day traders, I would like to know is it beneficial to buy historical data to build strategies from or should i just still with the historical data from my metatrader? if so, do you know what company sells the best quality?


      thanks for your help



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      User AvatarGeorge Steel


      I was planning to do that last year but realized it was useless:

      1. First, you never know if the data they sell you is correct and it will be hard for you to compare it

      2. The best thing is to generate EAs or backtest strategies over the Historical data of the broker you use.

      If you buy data from one place and move your live account there because you just bought the data from there is really pointless

      3. I would suggest you select 2-3 huge brokers with FCA regulation, low spreads and leave their MT to collect data for you. It is not really that long time you need to wait. Use this time to practice with EA Studio. At the meantime, you can use the MetaTrader – Demo data that comes with EA Studio. It is good data from JFD broker.

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      thanks for the insight, because i am in the united states a lot of the good brokers are unavailable to me. do you have any suggestion for folks where i am from?

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      George gave you a great answer. He is pretty correct that there is no really need to buy data.

      There was a topic around the Forum about the brokers in the US that offer good Historical data. If you can not find it, I will try to, and send it to you.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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