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      I am new to trading and am having problems coping the MQL4 file (Studio Bitcoin H1 81867949) to MetaTrader 4 through the broker IG using a demo account. When attempting to drag and drop the file to the main screen a widow opens with the the question, do I want to overlay the file to the forex trading pair on main trading screen. The only trading cymbals on the MetaTrader 4 are for forex. How do I add BTCUSD or do I have to find another broker with MetaTrader 4?

      To use the NLF, does one have to buy a minimum of 1 BTC (1 lot) at the current price to trade or can you use less than 1 BTC  (e.g. .25) and still generate $200 worth of profit per positive trade using the NLF?

      To generated the largest gains using the Robot, is it essential to trade in only one direction (long or short) rather than the option to trade in both directions at the same time? And if so, why? Is it possible to open two trades at the same time (two copies of the same robot), with one trading only long positions and the other only short positions?

      Am I right to assume that using the Robot alone with it’s monthly updates, you will always average more wins than losses? And if so, is there an average win:loose ratio?

      In other courses you indicate 99 robots. What the difference between the 99 robots and the one that trades with this course? Are they created for other cyrpto-currency pairs?

      Thanks for your assistance,



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      I was able to start trading a demo account using the EA robot through the pepperstone broker with MT4. Still looking for answers to the other questions in my first post.

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      Made a demo trade using the robot with the long trading option. I did not close the trade to see at what level the robot would loose if the trade went south or in a positive direction over several days. However, the trade has not exited even though the loss is over 500 dollars. Why?

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      Hello Leonard,

      Welcome to the Forum. I would suggest you first complete the course, and I am sure you will find the answers to most of your questions.

      However, here are the answers.

      1. You can use the Robot and the NLF with any loss you wish. obviously, if you use smaller lots, the profit will be smaller. For example, if you trade with 0.1, the profit will be $21 instead of $210(trading a complete 1 lot).

      2. You can trade in both directions, it is up to you. In the course, I show how I combine it with the trend, so the entries are stronger.

      3. This robot is designed to work with the NLF. That is why it has a TP of $210. Also, there is not SL, because we use the NLF. This is why you might see the loss because there is no SL and you didn’t use the formula to exit.


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      Thanks for your feedback.

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      Problems logging In the Website Courses

      I was only able to get to the forum because I responded to an email. I log on and the reply is as always. Your logged on, but I can’t access any of the courses I paid for. I keep seeing the message to log in.

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      Hello Leonard,

      Yes, we are aware of the issue. It is because of the most recent update on WordPress and it caused problems on many websites, but our team is working hard on it, and it will be fixed very soon.


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      User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

      Hello Leonard,

      The problem with the login is fixed. Please try to log in again.

      To make login easier, we’ve added a new option that allows students to log in to the Academy using their Facebook or Google profile. If your Forex Academy account is created with the same email address as your Facebook/Google profile, you can log in to your Academy profile, go to “My account” tab and link your Facebook and/or Google profile for easier login without a password in the future.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      That is great, Marin! Thank you!

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