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      User Avatarjjb1989

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Jared. I stumbled across EA Forex Academy searching for a second opinion on EA.

      I am a beginner in Forex, EA, and trading in general and was hoping for your advice.

      Just over a month ago I subscribed to an EA algorithm provided by an online company. I’ve been testing their EA on a demo account via MetaTrader 5, but have not been seeing very positive results. At first, I noticed I made mistakes (according to their advice), but after ironing out errors, my account balance was still dropping with trades I placed which went against EA probability in the end. Granted the instructors did say it can be wrong 30% of the time, but I’m just not satisfied with the efficacy of the algo, or if I’m still missing important skills.

      I therefore asked that company forum for advice and mentorship to assist me in my trading journey. They either ignored, downplayed the need for mentorship, or suggested I pay hundreds more to attend seminar to improve my trading on their system. I’m sceptical doing so given that I’m already not seeing results in its basic form, let alone in more complex ways.

      Hence I’ve been looking for a second opinion and found you guys. Could you advise please for the absolute beginner, what path I should take on this site to learn, apply EA, and excel to become more professional, and if you provide mentorship alongbtge way?


      Many thanks!

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      Hello Jjb1989!

      Welcome to the forum! Trading is not easy at all and it is true that more than 95% of all beginner traders lose money.

      That is why I do my best to record a simple course that will guide the beginners in the right direction.

      First, I would suggest you start with our free course so you will learn more about the EAs and how we manage them:


      Let me know when you are over and I will guide you from there.


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      User Avatarnu2this2

      Do you think i should stop the bleeding? All losses. The EURUSD EA doesnt even sending signals. Different result on different broker demo account. These are the Steptember EAs.

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      User Avatarnu2this2

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      Hey there!
      I am not really sure what you mean…yes, we always get different results on the different brokers.

      The price determined the values of the indicators (which are the trading rules behind the strategies).

      So the best thing to do is to place the same EAs on a few brokers and test them for a month. See which broker will give you the best EAs.

      This is what we showed with Ilan in our latest course Algorithmic Trading Course for Beginners + 40 EAs

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