I get it now (I think) …

The most important thing is that charts in MT4 match the charts from Historical data App of the same time-frame.

The synchronizing must match with a RECENT distinguished bar.

When going half a year back in time, the charts still match but there may be a difference in the time stamp due to winter- and summertime. This difference SHOULD NOT affect back-testing.

If understand it right this time, and in order to maintain my sanity (sorry – I’m like 62,000 years old), I’ll have to partially (only partially) disagree with you when you say in your course:
Forex Trading with Expert Advisors + 30 Best Strategies (Every Month)
Lecture: Preparation
Video: The best solution for historical data
Timeline: 04:03

“but before you download the data, you need to do something VERY-VERY important. You need to SYNCHRONIZE the time zone. Something EVEN professional traders are missing. They ask me why their back-test in EA Studio doesn’t match with the back-test in Metatrader. The reason for that is the TIME ZONE.”


Any comments?