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User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

Hello Paul4x, let me explain this.

Although they look similar, these are 2 different webapps that suite different needs.

The robots in the Prop Firm Robots App are fewer compared to the prop firm robots app and currently there is no point to have the Winners and Latest sections in this app. If there is a new strategy added it will replace one of the existing worst performing strategies. The number of strategies is much smaller and it’s easier to see when the strategy was added and updated in a single screen. On the other hand, this app has build-in settings for challenge targets, protections and etc. which are not present in the other app.

The Top 10 Robots App works differently. Currently there are 100 strategies in total in the app. New strategies are being added every weekend and some of the existing once which are not perfuming well are being dropped. This makes it very difficult to see  when a new strategy is added and also to arrange the strategies by different criteria, as in the app each pair has it’s own view.

We’re working on exciting updates in the Prop Firm Robots app that will be released in the next 1-2 weeks. We will post an update in the relevant forum and send emails to the users who have the app so you will receive a notification once this happens.


Marin @ Customer Support

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