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Hi Alan,

Maybe I’m not explaining myself correctly, let me rephrase. You said that Petko has reduced the FTMO robots to 12 pairs. In the Y5 page there are 12 pairs, so I’m guessing those are the 12. But if I drill down into the other time frames (weekly, daily, etc)  there are other pairs aside from the 12 that show up in the Y5 page. So my question is, which are the 12 official EAs that we should use and which are the ones that have been removed that we should stop trading? Is USDCAD M5 v.61 one of the ones to avoid (does not appear in Y5 page). There is also a AUDCHF M5 v6.1 EA which does not show up in the Y5 (but does in the W1). can you please clarify this?

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