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User AvatarNicholas Grobler

Hey Alan

Thanks for this, seems like a solid strategy. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to open a new 10K account every two weeks. Have yet to pass one challenge and hopefully build from there.

I have my own strategy which I trade manually. But it is a VERY slow process. That is why I bought this FTMO EA. I was hoping it would help me achieve success a bit faster.

Unfortunately to date, this has not been the the case. I have been running the EA’s on a test account for two weeks, no clear winner except maybe AUDUSD, which I have enabled on my live 10K account with ZERO trades opened to date.

I have to be honest, been burned so many times, especially in the EA space, HUGE promises, and then you buy the EA, then basically nothing happens or there’s excuses. It is sort of beginning to feel like that here now as well.

I think it would make quite a bit of sense for Petko and team to update us weekly on which EA’s to use, which ones are best performing currently. Not everybody can afford a VPN running and testing all the time. MANY of us here are beginners taking on our first challenges, that’s why we are here…but alas. Not a positive experience to this point for me.

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