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User AvatarMatthew Roberts

Hi Petko,

I am making no changes to the strategies. No manual entries, exits or modifications are being performed.


As for why I change my lots it’s in attempt to compound my account with the profits. For example a person with $100,000 could trade larger lots than a person with $10,000.

See below for how I am scaling it.


Every time I run a new batch of bots I’ll input the below formula to decide which lots all of the robots in the portfolio will trade at for the 2 week period I run them.

I am essentially adding extra lots as my account size scales up or down.

The exact formula

initial lots = (Beginning Balance / 1000)/100

new lots used = initial lots + ((Current account balance – Beginning Balance)/2000)


So my beginning balance was $10,000 so the first 2 week period I ran .10 lots on the portfolio and gained $6500.

After that I made new bots and plugged in the new lots used formula.

.10+{[($16,582.10-$10,000)/2000]/100} =.1329105

I always round down so I used .13 lots on the second round and so on until I posted here.


Any other suggestions as to what might be causing some of these periods to not be profitable?

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