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    Stefanos Ioannou

    I have been using the EA Studio for some time now and I can’t say I had success. I was having hard time understanding a technique that I could follow. I signed up to two of the courses of Petko Aleksandrov and I am glad that he explains a way to go. I know I might be ahead of myself but I have tried several things in forex with no success and I want to ask earlier and know that this is something that would have a degree of success.

    So, I follow Petko’s instructions on both courses, waiting for the EAs to make some trades and will take the necessary actions of moving them to a live account. I am wondering though how good this technique is? Are there any past stats out? Not that they guarantee future results but it is a kind of assurance. I just don’t want 2+ months to pass and be at square one again.

    Also any other techniques/suggestions I can use the EA studio that others had success with? Right now I am looking for a 5% average profit per month and from what I’ve seen in the webinar and courses it is very probable.

    Cone D

    Hey Stefanos, put yourself higher targets. I target 20% monthly.

    It took me about 6 months to figure it out, but I am glad I did not give up. EA Studio is a great tool, but in the end, it depends on you how to manage the EAs.

    Stefanos Ioannou

    Thanks Cone.

    Well I am trying to find EAs that are in their profitable phase and move them to live after gathering the statistics on demo. I was happily surprised on Friday as it was the first day I could move some good EAs to live and i got really great results. I mean 4 ea’s generated 5 winning trades. I don’t want to get ahead of myself again but I really hope this approach works. It is so easy. And if it does work a 20% sounds possible!

    On another note, I have EA’s that do a huge profit factor. For example right now I have 22 EAs on live account with a profit factor above 3. Isn’t this amazing? I mean some EAs have profit factor of 10, 15, 20 (!). Was I just lucky this time or are such statistics normal?


    Hey Stefanos,

    Glad to hear that you already have some good results. Just take it easy and increase the number of the EAs slowly, so it will be manageable.

    According to my experience Profit Factor of 10,15,20 is not just amazing, but super amazing 🙂

    When you trade longer you will see that the average is lower but as long as you are with a Profit Factor above 1, than it means you have more profits than losses 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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