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    Stefanos Ioannou

    I have been using the EA Studio for some time now and I can’t say I had success. I was having hard time understanding a technique that I could follow. I signed up to two of the courses of Petko Aleksandrov and I am glad that he explains a way to go. I know I might be ahead of myself but I have tried several things in forex with no success and I want to ask earlier and know that this is something that would have a degree of success.

    So, I follow Petko’s instructions on both courses, waiting for the EAs to make some trades and will take the necessary actions of moving them to a live account. I am wondering though how good this technique is? Are there any past stats out? Not that they guarantee future results but it is a kind of assurance. I just don’t want 2+ months to pass and be at square one again.

    Also any other techniques/suggestions I can use the EA studio that others had success with? Right now I am looking for a 5% average profit per month and from what I’ve seen in the webinar and courses it is very probable.

    Cone D

    Hey Stefanos, put yourself higher targets. I target 20% monthly.

    It took me about 6 months to figure it out, but I am glad I did not give up. EA Studio is a great tool, but in the end, it depends on you how to manage the EAs.

    Stefanos Ioannou

    Thanks Cone.

    Well I am trying to find EAs that are in their profitable phase and move them to live after gathering the statistics on demo. I was happily surprised on Friday as it was the first day I could move some good EAs to live and i got really great results. I mean 4 ea’s generated 5 winning trades. I don’t want to get ahead of myself again but I really hope this approach works. It is so easy. And if it does work a 20% sounds possible!

    On another note, I have EA’s that do a huge profit factor. For example right now I have 22 EAs on live account with a profit factor above 3. Isn’t this amazing? I mean some EAs have profit factor of 10, 15, 20 (!). Was I just lucky this time or are such statistics normal?


    Hey Stefanos,

    Glad to hear that you already have some good results. Just take it easy and increase the number of the EAs slowly, so it will be manageable.

    According to my experience Profit Factor of 10,15,20 is not just amazing, but super amazing 🙂

    When you trade longer you will see that the average is lower but as long as you are with a Profit Factor above 1, than it means you have more profits than losses 🙂


    Jaroslav Simon

    Hello Guys. I am trading only for a few weeks with robots. Especially when I saw the first course from Ilan. Then I had 99 EA course and GOLD course. all is OK but…. I am struggling with profits…and I am struggling a lot. My losses are far bigger than wins. I do trade TOP5 robots from 99EA course monthly updated by Petko…..but I don’t know. Maybe I am doing some mistake or should I put there in live account more than 5 EA’s I have 6 Demo account running about 250 robots on test. But I still don’t know what to do with them. DO I have some fear to put them over there? DO I something wrong with management or…really don’t know…And I saw the courses several times

    Samuel Jackson

    Jaroslav, it definitely sounds like you are not ready to be moving anything to live yet. Use a second demo as a mock live account to move your EAs till, then once you have build confidence in what you are doing you will feel much more comfortable moving to live.


    Hey Jaroslav,

    Let me know the results if you compare the demo and the live trading, do the trade match?

    Jaroslav Simon

    Hello Guys. I did not looked on the performance exactly of every EA. As Mr. Jackson writes I already have shot down the Live account because this was apparently useless.

    We had some important events at work so I was not able to do the analyze precisely. I am doing it now. I will let them trade on SHADOW (DEMO as LIVE) and will learn there the process until it really works and makes profit. as thiw bloody war started the markets are going crazy but I saw my 99 EA demos they together made over 3000 EUR profit so this is obviously my and only my mistake. I really feel like an “idiot” because there are lot of great data obtainde from FXblue….I work as internal financial auditor so my kind of organization is really precise but how is that possible I am not able to manage some EA’s to be profitable ? don’t know

    Petko: As I stopped to trade those EA I cannot give sou the performance because I went crazy as I wrote this so I just closed the laptop and stopped for several days. the history is there also my losers….I will analyze this and try as Mr. Jackson said on Demo account until this management will really not be profitable on regular basis,……

    Thank you.


    Hey Jaroslav,

    Sometimes taking a break is the smart thing to do. 🙂 It happened to me so many times when the trading does not meet my expectations.

    One thing to test…try to lower the time on a Demo…because the longer you keep a profitable EA on a Demo, the more you increase your chances of getting closer to the losing trades.

    Matthew Roberts

    Petko: I am also struggling very much to make profits. I have lost over $10,000 dollars with EA Studio robots.

    What is the recommended time to lower the time to on a Demo? I did 2 weeks and over 10 trades to put it on for another 2 weeks or until 10 trades has proven to have a lower than 1.2 profit factor.

    I’ve tried everything from putting trades on for a whole month using your no demo method.

    I’ve tried top 2 robots moderate risk, top 10 robots lower risk, top 50 robots very low risk.

    In none of these methods have I been able to produce profits on even a demo account.

    Demo account and live accounts have been making the same trades.

    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Matthew,

    Profits do not come easy and Petko’s advice has always been to learn and practice using demos before using live. I made the same mistake early on but to a much smaller degree than 10k fortunately.

    You must practice on demos until you are profitable.

    Regardless of how skillfully a collection of robots has been put together if you just throw them on a live account you will very likely lose money.

    As to the recommended time etc, have you run your own tests?

    Countless ways to do this but you need to get creative, for example. IC markets allows up to 20 demo accounts, you could open 1 to put on all the robots you have then come up with 10 or so variations of moving robots and keep track of the results in a spreadsheet and see what is performing best as a filter criteria maybe?

    For example

    10 trades with pf>1.2, 5 trades with pf>1.2 and win/loss > 0.6 and so on.

    Play around and learn, but definitely don’t go live until ready or you will lose money for sure regardless of the quality of the robots you start with!

    Samuel Jackson

    Hey Matthew,

    Just to add to my previous post. Either by using demo or non demo filter methods, principally we are trying to do two things I think:

    1 – Trade only the Strategies that are staying true to their generated acceptance criteria

    2 – Catch these strategies in their profitable phase

    So with your tests you definitely want to play around a bit but also keep this in mind to avoid being too random in your approach of course.

    What broker are you using and have you uploaded their data to ea studio? What longer term filter are you using and is this definitely fully past the date range used to generate the strategies you are using(including OOS)?

    Also you say you have put on Top 5 etc with poor results, presumably this is top 5 according to net profit. Perhaps may get better results if put on top 5 according to R/D or max drawdown?

    Matthew Roberts

    Currently, I’m working on trying to pass the FTMO challenge.
    I can’t continue to finance losing strategies for sure.

    I have moved back to demo only.

    My tests have been at 1.2 or great profit factor and 10 trades put it on live. Usually, I check every week on the demos and filter the strategies are over 10 trades and over 1.2 profit factor then I put them on a separate demo account. They have all failed for sure. If you don’t mind sharing, what do you personally do?


    Matthew Roberts

    Thanks for a second reply!!


    1. Staying true after how many trades?

    2. There are no guarantees in trading and I know this, but I feel as I’m missing something here. There are always some strategies that I run that are profitable, but the majority of the ones I run are unprofitable and it far out ways the wins. I’m struggling running those strategies in their profitable stage.

    I’ve taken a more specific approach rather than random.


    I’ll typically Generate strategies in sample.

    Then I Normalize 30% out of sample.

    Then I monte Carlo 90% at 20 runs.


    Acceptance criteria whole strategy:

    300 minimum count of trades.

    1.2 minimum profit factor.


    Acceptance criteria in sample

    1.2 profit factor minimum


    Acceptance criteria out of sample

    1.2 profit factor minimum


    I’ll usually then put the top 50 strategies in an account and wait for a week to see what happens and then start throwing them on the demos.

    To be clear this has never worked.

    I’ve tried KOT4X and I’ve tried FTMO demo accounts.

    FTMO performs better due to very low spreads and low commissions.

    However, they all seem to slowly drain the account balance.

    I’ve mainly tried USTECH (also known as NASDAQ or NAS100) & BTCUSD.



    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Matthew,

    It will be interesting when Petko responds which I am sure he will soon but here are some of my thoughts and suggestions.

    First sticking with FTMO free trials is smart because you can do them as many times as you want with good metrix information but also just regular demos are obviously great too.

    1. Why have you chosen to generate using the complete sample and then normalize only on the 30%, that is not logical to me (It’s not a huge deal but is there a reason?)

    2. Your acceptance criteria looks fine to me although the complete pf>1.2 is redundant since you have it in both the IS and OOS but 1.2 for both is a good target in my opinion.

    I totally understand the problem of the losing ones killing the overall portfolio, this is where running some tests will be really useful.

    I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules as to how many trades etc, strategies generated are random in nature and so each sample of say 300 reactor results with same settings is gonna be a bit different.

    Therefore, 1.2 for 10 trades may work great sometimes but not others. To counter this I would suggest holding a Month of data or so back when you run the reactor, then using once you have a collection of 300 test this filter criteria to see if it would have worked.

    What will be easier than a count of trades to test will be a time period, so if for example you used the validator to see what would have happened if you traded only strategies that had a pf>1.2 for both a week and a month prior to your reactor end date then how would your results have been if you traded on the month of data that you held back?
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I hope this makes sense, your approach is close from what I can see. You are creating and robustness testing strategies to target a pf>1.2 and then only accepting ones that also stay true to this profit factor in the OOS, but then you are kind of randomly just selecting a filter criteria whereas I believe if you run some reasonably quick tests then you could give much more confidence to your filter criteria of over what periods you want to see a strategy stay true to this profit factor before you move it to live(or mock live demo in this case :-)</p>

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