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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Traders,

      To introduce myself, I am fulltime travelling trader who has been trading forex as a side hustle seriously using EA studio for a few years now (with a few years of manual trading of crypto and forex prior to this) but transitioned to fulltime trading about 6 months ago using mainly prop firm capital.

      I just spent the last few months in Europe trading and after my next 6 weeks in Oz visiting family and friends I will be heading to Vietnam for a few months, so I will also share this experience and trading as I go by making videos and sharing the journey of travel trading as best I can along with any tips and tricks I discover along the way.

      I trade primarily using strategies developed using EA studio, although I also use FSBPro and code strategies myself also.

      The following portfolio has been trading only strategies developed using EA studio. It has been trading well so far, I can’t control the market but I hope that it will pass in another few months or so.

      Predominantly I favour H1 and a slow hands off approach so in terms of management, the same portfolio has been trading unmodified from the start of the challenge.

      I am sharing my current FTMO challenge account result that has been trading since March 2024. I will aim to update the results monthly and answer any questions anyone has.

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      User AvatarMr Stols

      Hello Sam,

      In those years did you make any profits with EA Studio?
      My perception is that the EA’s that are generated are of a low quality.





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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Yes John, I have been able to make consistent profits with EA Studio over time.

      With any generation software there will ALWAYS be a portion of poor quality strategies as that is just the nature of the beast, however there are certainly good strategies in there. That is where effective robustness testing and experience comes in.

      EA studio is just like any tool. It is only a bad workman that blames his tools (I am not calling you a bad workman btw but the saying definitely applies).

      There is a learning curve and like anything the more you practice and more experience you get trading with expert advisors the better your results will become.

      Will EA studio allow a complete novice to click a few buttons and trade profitably, highly unlikely. But that is a totally unrealistic expectation so that in the first place to start with.

      HOWEVER EA Studio my opinion is an absolutely excellent tool at what it does (And in my experience the absolute best generator out there for both beginners and more advanced users alike). Can I and do I code my own more advanced strategies yes, but most of my portfolios are created using EA studio.

      EA Studio will however massively speed up entry into the market, save an absolute tonne of time and effort and once proficient will effectively allow experienced users to create robust portfolios in the most efficient and easy way that I know of.

      Trading is just like any other skill. Practice and experience are required but the right tools will help that streamline that journey to competence and EA studio in my experience is my favourite and in my opinion the best.


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      User AvatarStephen Schilg

      Hey Sam,

      Thanks for your post. I’m relatively new to EA Studio, but not necessarily algorithmic trading.

      Do you have a process that is quite different to what Petko teaches in his courses for generation and testing? I’m still a bit unsure about whether to go ahead with purchasing the software as it’s a lot of money for myself.

      It sounds as though you don’t rinse your EA’s as often as others might – have you found more luck on the higher TF’s with consistency? From what I understand 15M and above is best for longer term profitability.

      Thanks mate.

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