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      User Avatardstoykovic

      do u have a course where you post your regular top performing ea’s each week or month? 

      (The one’s you’re trading with yourself)

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      Hello there,

      Yes, there is such a course. This is Forex Strategy Course + 12 EAs I Trade Live

      In this course, I upload monthly the EAs that I trade within one of my live accounts.

      Also, with Ilan we did a course with the weekly EAs we use: MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots

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      User Avatardstoykovic

      U do a monthly update of the top 12 ea’s. That’s fair enough. But I also thought you, yourself, update your ea’s more often than that?

      Is that in your weekly ea’s course?

      How do your monthly ea’s perform recently?

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      User Avatardstoykovic

      The weekly ea’s would still.need to be filtered through a demo account, yes or no?

      The monthly one’s are your live ones from the previous month?

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      Hey Dstoykovix,

      The Weekly EAs are the ones that Ilan uses for his trading.

      The monthly are the ones I use so I choose the best 12 EAs from my pool of EAs and I trade them for a month.

      It’s always a good idea to test them first on a Demo account.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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