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      User AvatarCone D

      Trading portfolio or Expert Advisors?

      Trading portfolio is my target now in the live account. I want to know how others manage with trading portfolios on the live?

      I trade Expert Advisors for a few years now, but I was skeptical about the Trading portfolio Expert Advisors.

      Now I am testing a lot, I test the trading portfolio Experts from the course of Petko with the 100 strategies.

      I will appreciate if someone shares the experience in the live account.

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      Hey Cone D,

      as you know the difference is that when we choose a trading portfolio we place them all on the account, and we eliminate the losing ones.

      In the standard way of trading Expert Advisors on separate chart windows is still trading portfolio because we trade them all together. But here we trade first on Demo, and we place on live the top performers.

      Now, personally, for me, the good point of trading portfolio Experts is that we do not miss the profits that are on Demo. What do I mean?

      When you test separate Expert Advisors on a Demo account, you place them on the Live after you see the profits with the chosen EAs, right? But these are exactly the profits we miss. Because they are on the Demo account, not in the live.

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      User AvatarTina

      Hello Cone,

      I prefer to use the trading portfolio because as Petko says when we use trading portfolio we eliminate the losing ones. I’m very satisfied with this course https://eatradingacademy.com/courses/algorithmic-trading/walk-forward-optimization-forex-trading-with-portfolio-eas/ (Walk Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs) because Petko shows how you can do algo Forex trading with 30 strategies in one trading account with only 3 Portfolio Expert Advisors. Have a look at it!

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      User AvatarCone D

      Thanks for your answers, Tina and Petko! I am already trading with a trading portfolio. Yes, I use this Walk Forward optimization course – it is an excellent choice for me!


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      User Avatarmelgon55

      I have a portfolio of Experts but it only opens me positions but does not close any positions.
      Does somebody knows why it could be?
      Thank you

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      Hello Melgon,

      How did you create the strategies in the trading portfolio? Do they have an SL and TP? Or they have exit conditions?

      Could you send me some screenshots so I can see them better?

      Maybe you need to wait a bit longer to see the trades closing.

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