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      User AvatarJaylon Nichols

      I have been using and testing EA Studio for over 3 months now. I’ve watched most of Petkos courses as well as the EA Studio professional course.
      While I have experienced some success with EA Studio, I believe it has the potential for even better results.
      I particularly liked the 12 EA system that Petkos teaches in the Pro EA Studio course, and that’s what I’ve been following.
      In the month of June, my 12 EAs made a 7% ROI with a Drawdown of 5%. However, in July, the 12 new EAs resulted in an 8% loss.

      I’ve been conducting various tests to find the best settings.
      Here are my results so far.

      Here are the settings I was using.


      Just to clarify, my process involves running EA Studio for 24 hours on 1 year of data. After that, I validate the results on the last month of that year and select the top 5 strategies, which are presented in the sheet. The strategies are sorted in the order they were on the validation date.

      I would appreciate your guidance on any changes I should make to find more profitable strategies. Let me know your suggestions and recommendations.

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      Hey mate,

      I’ve missed that post, sorry about it. It is quite interesting.

      1. I would change the current pair for sure. Why don’t you go for EURUSD?

      2. If you want to use the Trading session you need to check the box below (not only set the hours) anyways it won’t apply.

      3. On M15 you have much more bars with the Premium data, so I would suggest you use the max of 200 000 bars.

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      User Avataraaronpriest

      You can set hours in the trading session for it to avoid / ignore when generating strategies without needing the trades to close at end of daily session (if you want to hold them open during rollover). This helps it train strategies better where it is ignoring the time of high spreads during rollover, and if you use the same settings when saving the EAs it will avoid opening trades during that time as well of course.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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