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      Hey traders,

      In this topic, you are welcome to share your experience from the 21-day program. I, the other mentor, and the moderators are here to help you. As well 100s of experienced traders we have in the Forum. So do not hesitate to share your results!

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      User AvatarJérémie Roussell

      Good day,

      I am on day 4, The result on MT4 are not great but I started the 21 days on a Friday evening with a holiday Monday (I am from Canada). This morning the 3 Portfolios Expert are generating profitable trades.

      I believe that Oanda in Canada has too much spread, I will try FPmarkets for the next step of the 21 days.

      I am very happy with all the courses and the useful material.

      kind regards,

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      User AvatarJérémie Roussell

      Now 11:08 my time and both accounts are positive. Lovely EA’s 🙂

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      Hey Jeremie,

      Glad to hear from you! Yes, give it always more time. There will constantly be losing and profitable days, but the most important is looking at the big picture and finding the best way to manage the EAs.

      Is FP Markets accepting clients from Canada?

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      User Avatarpierce201


      thank you for the EA´s and lots of examples in your course. Except one of my EA´s all are making profits and with a bit of twaeking they work very well I have to say. I use FP MArkets in Bulgaria and am happy about the results so far. Thank you again.


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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Hi Chris,

        Its good to hear you are having success with the EA’s.  Can you share which course you are referring to and more about the results, such as, how much profit over what time frame and why you had to make some tweeks and what tweeks you made, etc.  I am sure other traders would like to know more about your success.  Please share!


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      User Avataryvnkmr

      Hi Everyone,

      Today is 4th day of algorithmic trading. Just sharing my results of 2 demo accounts having different lot size.

      Demo Account 1
      Balance $25k
      Lot Size per trade: 0.25 lot

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        User Avataryvnkmr

        Demo Account 2
        Balance $25k
        Lot Size per trade: 0.10 lot

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      User AvatarJoao Prata

      Hi Traders,

      After 4 days of algorithmic trading using the 5 EAs in MT4, the results are not great.

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Hi Joao,

        Trading goes through periods of gains and period of loss.  In the long term with our EAs the gains will be greater than the losses.  Give it a few weeks and you should see some nice profits.   I have a demo FTMO account I share in the Prop Firm area of the forum where you can follow my results.  In this account it did good for the first several weeks and made a 7% profit.  Then over the last month it as lost 1% giving me a total profit since the beginning of August of 6%.  I expect in the months ahead this demo account will once again provide some nice profits.  Successful trading comes with time so hang in there!

        FTMO DEMO



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        User Avatar0xBitpool

        Give it some time 🙂 4 days is definitely not enough

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      User AvatarOrlando Stevenson

      Hello – for manual rather than EA  trading, any suggestions for a low cost or free chart-based MetaTrader  add-on to help size, e.g. risking one percent, execute, and manage  trades?

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