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      User AvatarNicholas Moreno

      Hello everyone,

      I’m new here and I’m loving the course.

      I’ve been researching, and having a bit of trouble finding a reliable Prop Firm that:

      1. Accepts US customers

      2. Allows the use of EAs

      3. Works with MT4/MT5

      My goal is to use the EAs that are provided with this course on Prop Firm funded accounts. However, after researching many of the recommendations, I haven’t found a reliable Prop Firm that meets all these criteria above.

      -FTMO is currently not allowed in US.
      -E8 markets, you’re not allowed to use EAs
      -TrueForexFunds looks good but it doesn’t work with MT4, which i think the EAs Petko provides need to be run on MT4 or MT5, yes?

      -TheTradingCapital, while recommended, seems to have a significant slew of negative reviews about users not being able to proceed past phase 1 of the challenge. So I’m not sure if it’s a legitimate Prop Firm


      Does anyone know of a reliable Prop Firm that works for US users, allows EAs, and will work with the EAs that Petko provides? Thank you! 🙂



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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi Nicholas,

      Check out https://www.fxify.com/. I am not recommending any prop firm but this prop firm accepts US traders and you can use MT4 and maybe even MT5.


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      User AvatarNicholas Moreno

      Thank you so much Alan, I’ll check this out right now! Appreciate you – I hadn’t heard of it before!




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      User AvatarNicholas Moreno

      Just updating the thread in case future users read it.

      FXIFY does in fact allow US users, works with MT4, and MT5, and allows EAs.

      The only thing is you need to contact them and have them review your EA to approve it.

      I showed them a 3 minute video of it running and they approved the EA within 24 hours.

      Cheers, everyone and thank you Alan for the suggestion to look into them

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Hi Niholas,

        Thanks for the update!


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