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      User AvatarWayfarer

      Hi Guys,

      I’m new to EA Academy and this forum as well as algorithmic trading although I have some basic experience of manual forex trading. I am just learning the strings of EA Studio at the moment and wanted to ask for some advise or resource that clarifies to me how exactly we load a portfolio of EA’s into MT4 and activate it for demo trading once we’ve downloaded it from EA Studio? Your help is much appreciated.


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      User AvatarWayfarer

      …and also how do we remove strategies in a portfolio on MT4 which are not performing well?

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hi Wayfarer,


      Once you have exported (downloaded) your Portfolio EA, copy it from the downloads location. Then on your platform, open the Data folder from the File menu, navigate to MQL4/Experts and paste it in the folder. Close the folder, then right click on Expert Advisors in the Navigator window, and once it complies, enable Auto Trading on your platform, and drag the Portfolio EA onto your chart. Make any changes you want to – lot size,  base numbr, etc. and you should be good to go.


      You can remove the EA that is not performing well by loading the Portfolio EA into the Validator in EA Studio, loading the strategies and deleting any that you no longer want to use. Then repeat the process of attaching it to your chart.


      Have a look at the user guides below

      Portfolio Expert Advisor

      Portfolio Summary

      Portfolio Content

      Portfolio Experts in EA Studio






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      User AvatarWayfarer

      Thanks Ilan for that! I have a few questions that have made me scratch my head a little bit:

      – Inside MT4 how do we promote an individual strategy from inside a portfolio on a demo account to a real account? I know how this is done when we are NOT using a portfolio EA.

      – On the ‘real’ account, how do we maintain risk diversity if/when most of the individual strategies we promoted from ‘demo’ are mainly from one asset (i.e. other assets might not have met criteria for promotion)? Do we need to maintain this balance of assets / risk diversity on the real account as well somehow and at all times?

      – What is a good or recommended criteria to demote a strategy again from ‘real’ account when it’s not performing?

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hi Wayfarer,

      You can use the Validator in EA Studio. Simply load your Portfolio EA, remove all Acceptance Criteria, Robustness and Optimizer Tools, and hit the Start button. All of the strategies in the Portfolio  EA will load into the Collection. From there, delete the strategies you no longer want to use. Then, you can create a new Portfolio EA from the Collection of strategies that remain. Just remember to empty your collection beforehand if you have any strategies in it. You can also change the date range in Data Horizon, and select performance filters to check which strategies performed best during a certain time period.

      To maintain risk diversity, as you say, you need multiple assets, preferably in the same quantity. If one asset performs better than the others, simply select fewer of the better performing asset. For example, if you have 4 EURUSD EAs that are performing well but only 2 EURJPY and 2 EURGBP, check which of the 4 EURUSD performed the best, and select the top 2, so you have 2 EAs in each of the assets. Petko and I are releasing a course in the next few days that addresses this in detail. We will show you the process I follow, and it will include the spreadsheet that I use, as a downloadable resource to make managing your EAs much easier.

      Your third question really comes down to personal choice. Obviously, if an EA is in a draw down period due to market conditions, you should remove it. Again, this is discussed in detail in the upcoming course. Personally, on my accounts, if an EA has not reached a profit factor of 1.4 and at least 3 trades for a period of 7 days AND 30 days, I do not use it in my live trading account. Because the EAs that are currently on my live account all come from my demo accounts, I only monitor and analyze my demo accounts. Once I have selected the EAs I will be copying from my demo accounts to my live account, I delete all of the EAs on my live account, whether they performed well or not, and copy the selected EAs from my demo account to my live account, and ‘restart’ my live trading. I do this weekly.

      Again, this is just the system that I currently use. It’s what I have found works well for me and the criteria I need to be comfortable. We are always testing new ideas and trading systems. But, risk diversification is vital, and you should always try to keep a balanced portfolio. The profits may be less if one particular asset does very well for a period, but it also (and in my opinion more importantly) lessens the risk.






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      User AvatarVictor

      Hi Ilan, how are you?

      Is the course you mantioned released yet?

      I’ve already watched 3 courses of Petko (One with 5 robots, One with 30 robots and One with 10 robots trading USDJPY) and I am testing them on a demo account. Its been a great knowlege but I am looking for the most profitable set of robots. Which one or ones do you reccomend? In you personal opinion what are the bests?

      Thanks in advance.


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      Hey Victor,

      yes, the course is launched:

      MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots

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